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Ask Susan: Daughter Diagnosed with ADHD

My daughter who is 9 was diagnosed with ADHD last week by a psychologist and suggested that she start taking Concerta. How can Edublox help? Which program would be the best fit to reduce her ADHD symptoms and rehabilitate her learning disability?


Ways to Treat and Beat ADHD

Does your child have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)? Thousands of children are diagnosed every year and with this diagnosis comes a tough decision for parents to consider the right avenue of treatment.


Study: Edublox Improves Concentration Significantly in Five Days

Results of the study show an improvement in concentration, or on focused attention, in just five days. Focused attention is the ability to selectively concentrate on one aspect of the environment while ignoring other things. People with attention problems such as ADHD are known for their inability to filter out distractions and focus on one thing only.


Improving Working Memory Reduces ADHD Symptoms

In the 1980s, two English researchers named Baddeley and Hitch coined the term "working memory" for the ability to hold several facts or thoughts in memory temporarily while solving a problem or performing a task. Recent studies support the notion that many children with ADHD have cognitive deficits, specifically in working memory.