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Use Your Brain, Halve Your Risk of Dementia

Dementia is the loss of mental abilities and most commonly occurs late in life. Research from the School of Psychiatry at UNSW, led by Dr. Michael Valenzuela, showed that people who kept their brains active, for example, through work, leisure activities, or brain training, had half the risk of suffering dementia.


People Who Are Illiterate May Be Three Times As Likely To Develop Dementia

New research has found that people who are illiterate, meaning they never learned to read or write, may have nearly three times greater risk of developing dementia than people who can read and write.


Exercising Your Brain May Delay Alzheimer’s Disease

In a search for clues to what may delay or prevent Alzheimer's disease, Johns Hopkins Medicine scientists report that smarter, more educated people aren't protected from the disease, but do get a cognitive "head start" that may keep their minds functioning better temporarily.