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Building Solid Foundational Skills

Foundational skills are the basic skills that need to be taught and developed first and foremost. These skills are the foundations that hold our learning ability together.


Understanding Foundational Learning Skills

Foundational learning skills or basic learning skills refer to the skills that make learning possible. There is a tendency nowadays to confuse the word skill with related concepts like strategy, method, and technique. Many people, when talking about “learning skills,” actually mean learning strategies, or learning methods, or learning techniques.


TV Interview, WKYC: Cognitive Skills

Educational specialist Dr. Lee DeLorge explains what cognitive skills are and how the Edublox method strengthens a child's cognitive skills. The program was broadcast in February 2011 on WKYC, a television station located in Cleveland, Ohio.


Audiblox: Little Blocks Make a Big Difference

The program is especially beneficial for kids with learning difficulties, especially dyslexia, attention deficit disorders, and auditory, visual, or central processing problems. Parents of students with other disabilities may also want to check into the program to see if it might benefit their student as well.