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The Social Effects of Homeschooling

Many still consider homeschooling a social and academic death sentence to your children. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth.


Four Common Homeschool Mistakes

Homeschooling parents have a single thing in common, the desire to teach their child the best that they can.


Should Homeschoolers Get Homework?

One of the many questions that homeschoolers have about their curriculum is how much emphasis should be placed on homework. Homework is typically defined as the assignments and tasks that must be completed outside of the homeschooling hours.


7 Myths About Homeschooling Debunked

Did you hear the one about the homeschooled kid who went to Harvard at age 12? Or how about the homeschooling neighbors who live under a rock and only come out on double coupon Tuesdays? Homeschooling has inspired a lot of myths. Let's get to the bottom of them.


Traditional Schooling versus Homeschooling — Points to Consider

You want your child to get the best education possible. However, the schools in your area aren’t great, or maybe they are good. Private schools can be expensive. You’ve thought about homeschooling too. How do you know which option to choose? Here are some points to consider.


Preparing Your Children for Homeschooling

When you commit to educating your children at home, you are embarking on a journey together. Life is about to change drastically for all of you, and the odds are favorable that the benefits will far outweigh any drawbacks. Your children may be excited about the change, or they might be feeling anxious. Here are a few tips to prepare your kids for homeschooling, even if your insides are turning somersaults.


Creating a Homeschool Library

Learn how to create and organize your own homeschool library. Friends and neighbors who also homeschool may enjoy borrowing and sharing items. This is a guide on doing this, including ideas on where to gather items.


Good Reasons for Homeschooling Your Children

Article highlights the positive side of homeschooling, both for parents and children. The article mentions relevant issues that have a bearing on the decision to homeschool - such as inefficient class sizes, bullying, vulnerable children and sensitive children.


Homeschooling — The Growing Movement

Each year when school begins, a growing number of children do not head off to the traditional classroom. Instead, they learn at home. This is because many families have begun homeschooling their children.