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Math Learning Disabilities: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

Math is an unavoidable and required knowledge. Whether in science, business, or daily living, we cannot escape the use of numbers. Every job, from the rocket scientist to the sheep herder, requires the use of math!


Dyscalculia: Statistics and Characteristics

Dyscalculia, which means inability to calculate, is the most widely used term for disabilities in arithmetic and mathematics. Sometimes the term acalculia is used to refer to complete inability to use mathematical symbols and the term dyscalculia is reserved for less severe problems in these areas.


A Parent’s Story: From 11% for Math in Term 1 to 68% in Term 3

We enrolled Tyriq at Edublox as he had a difficult year in Grade 1 and when we changed schools for Grade 2, he struggled even more. We tried natural remedies to help him concentrate and had him at the occupational therapist but nothing was helping.


Dyscalculia: Definition, Incidence, Symptoms, Types, Causes, Intervention

Alfredo is eighteen years old, and he excels in drama and art. He’s an avid reader and writes poems and short stories in his spare time. However, he is unable to graduate with his senior class because he doesn’t have the required credits in mathematics.


Math Learning Disabilities: Symptoms by Age, Causes, Intervention

The term dyscalculia, which means inability to calculate, is often used to describe math learning disabilities. The definition includes well below average mathematical academic performance for age that is not attributable to an intellectual disability.