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Rapid Automatized Naming and Dyslexia: What Research Reveals

Rapid automatized naming (RAN) refers to the speed with which the names of symbols (letters, numbers, colors, or pictured objects) can be retrieved from long-term memory. People with dyslexia typically score poorer on RAN assessments than normal readers.


Dyslexia Is Caused by Phonological Deficits. Fact or Fiction?

Since the beginning of the twentieth century, dyslexia research has been dominated by a search for the Holy Grail: the single cognitive deficit that is necessary and sufficient to cause all behavioral characteristics of dyslexia. Until the 1950s, the belief was that dyslexia is attributable to visual processing problems.


Dyslexia: More than a Phonological Deficit

Most problems can be solved once we know what causes that particular problem. A disease such as scurvy claimed the lives of thousands of seamen during long sea voyages. The disease was cured fairly quickly once the cause was discovered, viz. a vitamin C deficiency. A viable point of departure would therefore be to ask the question, what causes dyslexia?