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Newly Discovered Gene Governs Need for Slumber When Sick

Little is known about what genetic or molecular forces drive the need to sleep -- until now. In a study of over 12,000 lines of fruit flies, researchers have found a single gene, called Nemuri, that increases the need for sleep.


Children Looking at Screens in Darkness Before Bedtime at Risk of Poor Sleep

Preteens who use a mobile phone or watch TV in the dark an hour before bed are at risk of not getting enough sleep compared to those who use these devices in a lit room or do not use them at all before bedtime.


Why Sleep Is Good for Your Memory

Researchers at the University of York have shed new light on sleep's vital role in helping us make the most of our memory. Sleep, they show, helps us to use our memory in the most flexible and adaptable manner possible by strengthening new and old versions of the same memory to similar extents.


New Insights Into How Sleep Helps the Brain Reorganize Itself

A study has given new insights into how sleep contributes to brain plasticity -- the ability for our brain to change and reorganize itself -- and could pave the way for new ways to help people with learning and memory disorders.


The Cost Of Sleepless Nights Estimated At $15 Billion A Year

Burning the midnight oil happens to the best of us and according to Craig Schwimmer, MD, MPH, FACS, founder of the Snoring Center, a loss of sleep affects everyone, young and old, regardless of gender, race or profession.