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Four Spelling Games to Improve Your Children’s Spelling

Do your children complain about having to learn spelling words, when they can easily just use a spelling checker and auto-correct? Even with modern technology in a digital world, spelling is still an essential skill for children to learn. Bring learning spelling to life with these four spelling games.


Dyslexia: When Spelling Problems Impair Writing Acquisition

Researchers have recently looked at the purely motor aspects of writing in children diagnosed with dyslexia. Their results show that orthographic processing in children with dyslexia is so laborious that it can modify or impair writing skills, despite the absence of dysgraphia in these children.


The Importance of Spelling and Handwriting in a Digital Age

It's a fair question for parents to consider: Why should my child learn to master the skills of spelling and handwriting in a world governed by spell checkers and keyboards? Isn't the mere notion of teaching these skills as archaic as attempting to master trigonometry without the use of a scientific calculator?