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Bathroom Décor Idea: Creating a Seaside Oasis

Is your bathroom simply a utilitarian “necessary room?” With a bit of creativity, you can turn it into a seaside oasis. The shower, sink, and tub all bring cleansing, life-sustaining water into the room, so what when you add a natural decorating theme there could be an ocean motif. And since a bathroom is a place of privacy, it should be a comfortable haven, your own personal oasis, away from the hubbub and activity of the rest of the home.

Shells are a prerequisite decoration in a seaside oasis. If you have a large conch shell you found on a beach combing expedition, use it as a soap dish. Loose shells are lovely, but are a nuisance to keep dusted. Consider filling a beautiful vintage jar with them. If your shells are in short supply, however, you can find shower curtain hooks that are designed to look like shells, starfish, and sand dollars. Wallpaper borders are also available printed with shells, or opt for a design featuring sea gulls and wind swept grasses.

Plants do well in the humidity of the bathroom, and they also complement the seaside oasis theme. Look for palms that do well in low light if your bathroom is short on windows. Place their pots in plastic lined natural wicker baskets. Realistic silk greenery can be used instead if desired.

A vintage folding chair in natural wood or painted white makes a nice accent. It can be used for sitting and dressing, or as a stand for a stack of fluffy white or ecru towels. Towels can also be rolled and placed in a large wicker basket. A thick sand beige cotton rug, washable, of course, looks appropriate against light brown ceramic tile or pebble patterned vinyl floor covering. White-painted board walls, or more tile complete the look. If you happen to be trying to update the look of pastel bathroom tile walls, shell accessories can tie the tired looking pinks and pale greens in with the more fashionable earth tones.

For a different sort of seaside oasis, go Carribean, with towels and accents in bright sunny island-inspired colors, such as lime green, fuschia, turquoise, and tangerine. A bright awning stripe fabric can be used to uphoster the cushions of a white wicker chair. Plants are a necessity in such a room, but consider adding a vase of colorful exotic flowers, either living or silk. Instead of baskets, use colored woven tote bags imported from the tropics. Instead of traditional decorations on the wall, hang up vintage travel posters or souvenir dishtowels illustrating exotic beach locations, such as Tahiti, Hawaii, or even Florida. Hang gauzy sheer white curtains, but be sure to have blinds beneath them for privacy’s sake. Other options for window treatments are roll-up bamboo shades or vintage barkcloth curtains.

Other seaside options for decorations include boating and fishing items, lighthouses, fish, and water birds. Fun cartoon fish can decorate a children’s bathroom. Look for these designs when shopping for shower curtains and other bath accessories.

Any seaside theme can easily take on a spa feel. Store luxurious lotions, essential oils, and wooden bath accessories on unfinished wood shelves along with stacks of thick white towels, hand towels, face cloths, and bath mats. If the bathroom is large enough, have a corner in which you can store your exercise mat, yoga bricks, and free weights. Choose a spot near a sunny window for this if possible. A candle stand with a richly scented candle can also be used to illuminate this exercise corner in your seaside oasis bathroom. Candles are nice near the tub as well.

Another accessory needed in your seaside oasis is a small CD player. It will come in handy whether bathing or exercising. You can listen to inspirational books on tape or quiet music while stretching or soaking away your cares. Be sure to have a clock in your haven as well, especially if you tend to lose track of the time during such indulgences.

Fortunately, decorating the bathroom to turn it into a seaside oasis does not have to cost a lot. Check the shops for appropriate accents, and don’t forget to scour the flea markets for vintage accessories.

Cushions are relatively inexpensive and can really turn the room around. For added color get a matching couch throw and play with various styles. You’ll be amazed at the difference.

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