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Edublox Online Tutor Reviewed on HowtoHomeschool.net!

Edublox Online Tutor, the multisensory cognitive training programs from Edublox, recently received a favorable review from the international homeschooling website, HowtoHomeschool.net.

How to Homeschool’s mission is to provide homeschoolers with curriculums and resources throughout their learning journey – especially since first time homeschoolers can easily be overwhelmed with the options available to them.

The review covers an overview of the author’s experiences with both the Edublox Online Tutor Development Tutor and Reading Tutor products, which both her children worked on during the course of a few weeks. Here are a few highlights from what she liked about the programs:

  • “The company is founded on pedagogical research and 30+ years’ of experience – that gave me confidence to try them out.
  • It works! My daughter’s concentration has definitely improved and my son’s reading ability has improved as well. I’m very impressed!
  • And FYI – annually, since 2010, Edublox clients have been asked to complete an online survey. In the last survey parents were asked, ‘Did your child’s academic performance improve?’ and 94% answered positively!
  • It works for different learning styles (I have an auditory and a visual learner).”

Read the full and comprehensive review and follow the steps to get your subscription now: https://www.howtohomeschool.net/edublox-review-online-tutor/

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Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome reading problems and learning challenges and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific cognitive training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.