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Four Health Benefits of Jasmine Tea

Do you enjoy sipping a hot, steaming cup of jasmine green tea?

When you sip tea made from the leaves of this herbal flowering plant, you’re doing more than pleasing your taste buds. It seems the leaves from this flower have benefits that go beyond their pleasant aroma and sweet taste. What are the health benefits of jasmine tea?

Cancer prevention?

Research in animals shows jasmine slows the growth of cancer cells. One study carried out in rats showed jasmine offered chemoprotection against breast tumors, while another showed benefits against prostate cancer. In fact, Israeli researchers have developed an anti-cancer drug using Jasmonate, a component from the jasmine plant which helps protect the plant against injury.

Researchers discovered this drug derived from the jasmine plant inhibits the action of an enzyme called hexokinase that allows cancer cells to grow and prosper — without harming normal cells. They’re hoping that a form of this drug might one day be used with cancer chemotherapy drugs to help them work more efficiently.

Anxiety relief

In a study carried out in Japan, 24 volunteers who smelled the aroma of jasmine tea felt calmer and more sedate. In addition, their heart rates dropped significantly as they became calmer and more relaxed. Due to its calming effect, jasmine may have blood pressure lowering benefits as well. The aroma of jasmine would certainly have fewer side effects than the majority of anti-anxiety medications!

Reduction in cholesterol

A study conducted on hamsters showed that green tea catechins extracted from jasmine green tea lowered cholesterol and triglyceride levels when the animals ate a high-fat diet. More studies are needed to see if this holds true in humans too. If so, jasmine green tea could have health benefits for people who eat a fatty diet.

Anti-bacterial properties

A study carried out at Kansas State University showed jasmine tea blocks the growth of some types bacteria that can cause food borne illness such as Salmonella and Listeria. Therefore, jasmine could have applications in the food industry where a natural means of killing bacteria that cause food poisoning is needed.

How can you enjoy the taste and health benefits of jasmine tea? Next time you’re at your favorite health food store or natural food market, look for jasmine green tea. To create this blend, jasmine petals are mixed with green tea leaves. Blending green tea leaves with jasmine gives the tea a slightly sweet taste and a fragrant aroma — a pleasant alternative to plain green tea. One caveat — if you’re pregnant, talk to your doctor before drinking jasmine tea.

The bottom line

Who would have thought that a delicious cup of jasmine tea would have so many potential health benefits? This is one tea you’ll want to consider adding to your teacup.

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