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Homeschooling — The Growing Movement

homeschoolingEach year when school begins, a growing number of children do not head off to the traditional classroom. Instead, they learn at home. This is because many families have begun homeschooling their children. The one common factor behind this choice is the parents’ desire to have a more hands-on involvement in the education and development of their kids.

When it comes to public education, parents have no control over what their child learns or doesn’t learn. With homeschooling, parents are able to choose the curriculum that is consonant with their family’s values and with their child’s individual personality, learning ability, and interests. This custom designed approach has not only become more attractive to concerned parents, it has also been proven to provide better education.

While many parents have chosen this avenue because of the academic benefits, others are simply seeking to avoid the declining public school system. At home, children are not harassed or confronted with taunting, cruelty, and negativity like they are in a public setting. Homeschooled children are given a fair opportunity to grow and develop in a nurturing and positive environment. They are able to become independent thinkers, mature at a healthy rate, and retain the confidence they need to become well adjusted adults.

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A child’s home also provides a level of safety that public school will never be able to offer. Despite extra precautions like guards and metal detectors, violence in public schools is still a serious concern and it probably always will be. Parents have increasingly begun to recognize homeschooling as a solution to the violence problem.

While homeschooling may seem like the answer to today’s public education issues, it is not a new concept. Before there were schools, parents often educated their own children. When public schooling began, it was considered an education outlet for commoners. Royalty and other wealthy members of society continued to be homeschooled or privately tutored.

Since then, times have changed and technology has certainly helped contribute to the increase in homeschooled children. With internet access, a variety of secular and religious-based curriculum choices are readily available to everyone. In the last twenty years, the number of homeschooled children has increased by an estimated one million students. These numbers prove that the resources are out there for every family who wants to take advantage of them and apparently, many families do.

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