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‘Like Mother Like Daughter’ Could Be True When It Comes to Dieting

They say when you want to know how a young girl will turn out when she’s older, you should look to her mother for telltale signs.

While this observation may not necessarily turn out quite that way, research shows that mothers play a vital role in developing and passing on their eating habits to their children, and more specifically to their daughters.

In a UK study carried out by Leeds University, researchers found that younger girls often mirror their mothers’ fashion, beauty routines and attitude towards food. Dr. Andrew Hill, a senior lecturer at Leeds University says that adults should be aware that the children around them are prone to picking up their attitudes and behaviors. Very often the mothers’ dieting history could become her daughters dieting future.

The study also revealed that overweight mothers had a higher number of overweight daughters and despite their young age, they too were suffering with weight problems.

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