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Dyseidetic Dyslexia Success Story: Measurable Improvements in Reading & Academics

Meet Hilary, Rief’s mom. This video is about Hilary and her 9-year-old son who struggled with dyseidetic dyslexia. Hilary reports measurable improvements in standardized reading scores and confidence.

On Oct 11, 2021 Hilary sent a follow-up email:

Hello Susan!

Hope all is well with you! We are doing well. The 1st nine weeks of school have finished and Rief’s grades are amazing!

Reading & Language Art 89%

Science 91%

Social Studies 89%

Math 91%

His teacher says she has never had a student with an IEP have such good grades and that he is in the top half of the class. Many of his friends are struggling with the transition to fourth grade, but not him!

We can’t thank you enough for everything you and your team have done for Rief.

So very grateful,