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Study: Edublox Improves Processing Speed Significantly

Cognitive skills are the skills that we employ for our thinking and learning processes. These skills are also referred to as the core skills of our mental functioning, enabling us to remember things, make judgments, reason, and pay attention.

Gathercole found that cognitive skills — especially processing, attention, memory, and logical reasoning — form the pillars of the human brain, enabling a person to perform various mental functions. Processing speed is a cognitive ability defined as the time it takes a person to do a mental task. It is related to the speed at which a person can understand and react to the information they receive.

Deficits in cognitive skills are said to affect the learning process significantly. Educators and parents should acknowledge this, be on the lookout for abnormal cognitive development, and ensure the successful development of these skills.

A collaborative study between Edublox, the University of Pretoria (UP), and a primary school in Pretoria CBD has paved the way to show how Edublox Online Tutor can contribute to processing speed development. The study was analyzed as a post hoc research project by Naseehat Dawood as part of her master’s degree in research psychology under the guidance of Professor David Maree, former Head of the Department of Psychology at UP.

Sixty-four 2nd grade students were divided randomly into three groups: group 1 completed 28 hours of Edublox’s Development Tutor for three weeks; group 2 was exposed to computer games, while group 3 continued with their schoolwork.

Findings suggest that exposure to the Edublox program significantly improved the post-test scores in the processing speed domain. Descriptive statistics showed that while scores improved for all three groups, the children exposed to the Edublox program improved by a much greater percentage than the other groups. A repeated-measures ANOVA test confirmed the descriptive results and showed significant differences in the improvements in mean processing speed of the children in groups 1, 2, and 3.

Mean plots of children’s processing speed tests

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