“Mommy! Thank you for Edublox. It’s helping me finish my work at school!”

“Mommy! Thank you for Edublox. It’s helping me finish my work at school!”

Inonge Khabele-Stevens in Austin, TX shares her daughter’s success.

The first time we noticed our daughter was having learning problems was in pre-kindergarten. Her teacher strongly recommended that she repeat pre-k but my husband and I insisted on her not being held back. I knew that she was of above average intelligence and had a gift for drawing and making things with her hands. Call me crazy, but I’ve always believed that for every problem, there is a solution and I’ve also always questioned conventional wisdom.

I searched online for a couple of days for solutions to dyslexia and that’s when I (thankfully) stumbled upon the Edublox website.

After reading every page and watching every video, I ordered it and got started with our daughter immediately.

After the first week of lessons, she came home happier than she’d been in a long time and hugged and kissed me. “Mommy! Thank you for Edublox. It’s helping me finish my work at school!”

The end of the second week, I dropped her off in her classroom. Her teacher broke away for a parent she was talking to and ran after me down the hallway. She was so excited that she could barely speak. She’d never before experienced that rapid improvement.

Our daughter is doing wonderfully in school. She’s confident and helping other struggling students. She’s a voracious reader (reads with expression) and loves to write as well.

I recommend Edublox to everyone I know, and as a teacher recommended it to the parents of my struggling students and used some of the exercises in class. I had great results, as did the parents who used it a home.

It has been a Godsend!

Inonge Khabele-Stevens
Austin, TX
Artist & Entrepreneur

Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific cognitive exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.

Inonge Khabele-Stevens in Austin, TX Edublox Online Tutor February 26, 2017

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