“He is devouring books at a rapid rate” — Abi Stinson, UK

“He is devouring books at a rapid rate” — Abi Stinson, UK

“I wanted to tell you that we are seeing some wonderful results…” Abi Stinson shares her son’s success.


You sent me my Edublox kit about 6 weeks ago now and I have been using it with my son 5 times per week. I wanted to tell you that we are seeing some wonderful results. Sean is actually reading for pleasure and says that he is suddenly able to read more easily and quicker. His handwriting, which was so tiny, has become larger and easier to read and he is writing more. In fact, I went into school to see his work because he had written a whole two pages in his school book! Sean was quite reluctant at first but now I don’t have to cajole him to do Edublox – he wants to do it. I think he realises that it is helping him. We will continue with the programme and I have started doing the pre-school exercises with my 4 year old. Thank you.


Sean continues to go from strength to strength at school. At parents evening I was told that on his English assessment paper this year he had improved by 17 points over last year’s results. The average that would be expected would be a 5 point increase! He was the only child in the school to have improved so dramatically. So he is now average for class and age group not working a year behind as he was 6 months ago. We would not have seen this improvement without Edublox – of this I am convinced. Apart from all that he is so much happier at school and more confident. He is also devouring books at a rapid rate and it is a joy to see. He is keen to discuss the books he has read to me and he obviously has understood what he has read. Six months ago reading a book was tortuous for him because even if he read it his reading was so faltering and full of mistakes that he couldn’t comprehend the text. We have stopped working for 1 hour a day – we now do Edublox for about 35 minutes a day. We find it easier to fit in and Sean enjoys it more if it is not so long. I am very strict however and we do the Edublox exercises 5 days a week without fail. I am certain that to obtain the sorts of results possible it is essential to persevere with the repetition.

Sean will freely admit that his memory has improved significantly and it has made his life easier. For instance, he didn’t forget how to do things over the school holidays so going back to school was not so hard. I have now introduced the auditory exercise and this has been very challenging but he is improving. I am just so impressed with the Edublox programme. It has not been easy at times to make the effort but it has definitely been worth it. We continue onwards and upwards.

Abi Stinson

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Abi Stinson, UK November 29, 2016

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