Beating Learning Disabilities: 50+ Videos, Testimonials and Reviews

Below are testimonials, reviews and video clips, covering Edublox clients of all age groups, from all over the world, at various stages of implementation, and for various needs — from improving the cognitive skills of children without learning difficulties to overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia, math problems, et cetera. Long success stories, case studies and research studies have their own pages. To view all our success stories, click here..

Dr. Lee DeLorge on Cognitive Skills and Edublox:

In this must-view video educational specialist Dr. Lee DeLorge in Ohio explains what cognitive skills are and how the Edublox program strengthens a child’s cognitive skills.



S.M., an adult from Durban in South Africa, who completed 53 sessions of Reading Tutor over a period of 6 months:  

I have been doing Edublox Online Tutor for the last 6 months and have seen an incredible difference in my reading, spelling and word pronunciation. I feel this program has benefited me in all aspects. It has unlocked my communication and confidence. With no doubt I can say it has improved my auditory and visual memory to a positively noticeable level. I would like to thank the Edublox team for the user-friendly program and their support. Making time to do the Edublox sessions may be difficult, though I reassure you, all your efforts will be outshined by your ability to read, understand and comprehend the knowledge you want to acquire.


Mr. K. Borden, PA, US:

We are now approaching the 70th session. The first quarter of the year is complete and we just received Jonathan’s report card. He had an overall average of 85, a 13 point improvement from the first quarter of last year. We are all thrilled with the result but know there is a lot more to be done. His best grade was in spelling, which was the biggest improvement as well….


Mrs. S. Ridout:

Sean became an Edublox user because he had a reading and spelling problem. He was mixing his b’s and d’s. After an assessment in both second and third grade we were told that he had an emotional problem and nothing more. He had to repeat third grade, after which we still felt that he had not progressed as he should have. He had had just over one year of remedial which helped, but still the same problem persisted. I tried all I could at home, to no avail. His work tempo was slow. He didn’t finish work and in exams had to be given extra time to finish. He would not do his orals either.


In mid-September (Sean was now in seventh grade) I was called in to see the school psychologist and principal. They said they felt he would not cope in high school, and suggested that he be transferred to the special class and then to a special high school. After many years of battling with few results we decided the only answer was to give Edublox a try as we were not willing to put Sean into a special school without a fight.


Sean’s confidence has improved, enabling him to do orals. He was made a library monitor due to his improvement. He has begun reading for pleasure, and finished all his December exams within the time limit. He was the only one to get full marks for an unprepared Geography test. Both his reading and spelling have improved and also his handwriting. He has passed seventh grade.


Kelli Hichens, Peterborough, UK:

Just to let you know I have been working with two small groups of children (6 in one group; 5 in the other) for three weeks and already I am seeing improvements. One group of children from Year 2 were chosen because of their very poor (almost non-existent) concentration and listening skills. They are now able to work with me for 30 minutes and have learned the exercises very well.


The other group is in Year 1 and I can see an improvement in their self-esteem. They tend to be a group of children who are very shy and reserved and in the lower ability group. The class teacher is amazed with the confidence that these children are now showing in the classroom — after only 2 weeks! Fantastic!


Grayham and Hazel Allot, Duncraig, Perth, Australia:

Recently we were able to have a chat with David’s teacher and headmaster about his immense improvement at school this past year. We were able to narrow his accomplishments down to two major contributing factors:


Firstly, his teacher this year noticed that if he gave David a little more time to finish the test or project, there was a marked improvement in what was accomplished. His results boosted his self-esteem which in turn boosted his desire to do better.


Secondly, his participation in Edublox (3 times a week) has definitely been the largest factor in his outstanding progress. We did not expect him to ever be presented with the merit certificate of ‘Most Improved Student’ in his school, which he received at the end of last semester. We understand from his teacher that he is a more confident child and that his reading, spelling and maths have improved in ‘leaps and bounds’.


We are sure that he will go forward into year 6 with the confidence that he has attained through Edublox and your guidance, and for this you have our gratitude.


Mrs. A. Hartzer:

At the end of Grade 1 Ulandi could not read at all. She did not know her sounds and was therefore also unable to spell. Because her friends could do what she could not do, Ulandi completely distanced herself from them.


We started with Edublox at the end of Grade 1. Now, at the end of Grade 2, she can read anything! Her spelling is also good. Her relationship with her friends has also improved. She even participates in athletics now, which she previously avoided. Ulandi has learned to persevere because Edublox has taught her that she can succeed.


Craig France, Adult Dyslexic:

In this video Craig France talks about how dyslexia has affected his life, and how finding a solution has already started changing his life for the better.



Mamokete Sihlangu:

My daughter Karabo had a poor memory, she could not read and struggled with numeracy.


But now, what an excellent improvement. She can remember words, dates and almost everything. Her reading has improved, and she can count. Even her teacher commented that she has improved a lot.


I recommend Edublox because it builds up self-confidence, and the method of improving memory and concentration is working.


Thank you Edublox Teachers for your efforts and hard work.


Thankful Parents, Parkview, Johannesburg, South Africa:

The severe concentration problem of our daughter (Grade 5) had to be addressed after receiving her poor school report at the end of the first term. She started doing Edublox at the beginning of the second term and here are extracts from her school report at the end of the second term:


English 60 68
Mathematics 50 68
History 24 75
Science 66 68
Zulu 60 73
Geography 52 68


Her motivation and self-esteem have improved dramatically!


Mother, Bryanston, Johannesburg, South Africa:

I was dubious about commencing yet another programme with my two daughters (8 and 10 years of age), however, was pleasantly surprised by the outcome! Progress was rapid and I saw results within weeks, especially regarding concentration. My elder daughter’s marks at school increased in all learning subjects. She can recall information with ease! Spelling and reading improved with both girls. They love doing Edublox! I would recommend Edublox to anyone wishing to improve concentration, reading and spelling.


Suelany and Zolton:

The school approach us about Sean-Michael getting distracted during class, not finishing his tasks. We took him for various assessments and even to an educational psychologist. The outcome was occupational therapy. One day we did some research on Google and Edublox came up. We contacted Monique, she was very friendly and helpful. The assessment was done only to find Sean-Michael has poor memory, therefore he was struggling to concentrate and stay focused. His reading was very slow. I also had his eyes tested and he needed glasses.


We enrolled him at Edublox in 2014. I think Sean-Michael had a good year last year (2015) which with continued support can be something that he can build on. He achieved an average of 80%. He has much more pride and confidence.


Karen van Tonder:

My eldest daughter Bernice (14 years) had reading and writing problems in Grade 1 and Grade 2. From Grade 3 we helped her with Edublox and also asked one of our friends to do this with her twice a week after school. This improved her marks tremendously and she is much happier. Each year from Grade 3 she has been improving. From Grade 4 up to now she has received academic awards each year. Because of this we also did Edublox with my youngest daughter — since Grade 00. (5 years). She also received academic awards in Grade 1 and Grade 2.


Izzy, US:

I am happy to tell you we have been consistent with Edublox for Math and I am beginning to see significant improvement in my daughter’s math skills. I have only been able to do it with my older daughter. I wanted to concentrate on her as she was struggling more. Last semester her average in math was 97 with very little extra help. Our goal is to become an independent learner in Math.


The Edublox is definitely a great tool. I can never thank you enough for your help.


Overcoming a Reading and Learning Disability: 

While there is no ‘quick-fix’ for learning failure and learning difficulties, our intensive 1-on-1 course has proved to accelerate results and will help your child take a giant leap forward!



Elize Kruger:

Christo had a bumpy start in primary school, struggling with reading and writing. After numerous interactions, therapy, programmes etc. he was still regularly alternating his “b” and “d”. Thus we enrolled him at Edublox early in his Gr. 6 year.


Using the wrong “b” or “d” has now become the exception! This is a big victory! Preparing for spelling tests is now a breeze compared to 18 months ago. He would get all 20 words correct in two rounds of practice versus multiple efforts previously. His self-confidence has improved vastly, and a love for reading has kicked in after notable resistance in the past.


Edublox helped Christo to address those nagging problems that kept his self-esteem low. Now he has started to excel in schoolwork and feels so proud of himself. It was worth the time and money.


Surita Volland:

Gerhard had problems with spelling, comprehension and reading. Since enrolling at Edublox there has been a huge improvement in his spelling. He got 24/25 for two spelling tests in a row. He now reads the billboards for the first time. Most importantly, his self-confidence has improved.


Claudia Sephton:

We enrolled Jenna at Edublox because she had to repeat Gr. 2.


Jenna has improved all round. Her concentration, listening skills, reading and school work has improved in leaps and bounds. She is a lot more attentive.


For any parent who really wants to equip their child for the years ahead in their school career, Edublox is that tool.


 7. Outstanding achievement – 80 – 100% 
 6. Meritorious achievement – 70 – 79% 
 5. Substantial achievement – 60 – 69%
 4. Adequate achievement – 50 – 59% 
 3. Moderate achievement – 40 – 49% 
 2. Elementary achievement – 30 – 39% 
 1. Not achieved - 0–29%

Darren Waspe’s mother wrote:

Darren could no consistently interpret sounds when reading and his reading tempo was also below average at plus minus 18 words per minute. Comprehension of reading and providing answers correctly required improvement.


Darren became much more confident in doing his homework tasks after starting with Edublox. His reading greatly improved with plus minus 40 words per minute as well as reading multiple syllables. He now speaks more clearly, and there has been an all-round improvement in his schoolwork.


Darren still struggles with auditory discrimination, spelling of new unfamiliar words and comprehension.


Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Beat the Odds:

Jeremiah and his identical twin brother, Joshua, were born prematurely and with fetal alcohol syndrome. Although Joshua managed at school, Jeremiah was diagnosed with ADHD, dyslexia and severe learning disabilities in Grade 2, having to repeat the year and being promoted to Grade 3 with support.

The boys’ foster mother, Lameez Armien, resisted putting them on medication (which they refused to take) or sending Jeremiah to a special needs school, deciding to try out the Edublox program instead to see if it could help.



A Happy Grandmother:

I want to thank you for the ezine article “Talk Your Child Clever”. When I first came here to take care of my 17 month old granddaughter, she was not talking, only grunting and whining. After her parents left for military duty, I constantly spoke to her, beginning with please and thank you. She picked up on so many words immediately. Every day a new word comes out of her mouth. It is so exciting to see her grow. It’s been two months and she’s happier when she can get her point across.


Mrs. B. Pell, Huntersville, US:

I live in Huntersville, NC, and a woman came, with her daughter, and spoke to my homeschool group about Edublox 5 years ago. I purchased it and used it on my daughter who was nearly 8. I saw amazing results. I worked with her 6 days/week all fall and then added some phonics instruction after Christmas. In June of 2003, pre-Edublox her standardized test score for “letter-word identification” was 2.9 (or second grade, ninth month). We did not begin Edublox until October and by June of 2004 her “letter-word identification” was 6.7 (or sixth grade, seventh month). This was an amazing nearly 4 year improvement with only 9 months of work. She has since been a wonderful reader.


Mrs. R. van Niekerk:

We started Leon on Edublox because we realized that, like his elder brother, he would also battle with reading and spelling in future. Leon could not distinguish between certain sounds like b and d, and f and v.


Improvement was noticed within a few months. At present he no longer has any problem distinguishing between sounds, and where he scored a 4 (good) on his previous report for reading, he now scored a 5 (very good). (Letter translated)


Heather Smit:

I have been absolutely amazed at the results yielded by the Edublox program. We began less than six weeks ago, and Grant’s reading and writing have already improved. So have his concentration, memory and (believe it or not) his obedience. Dr. Strydom must be congratulated on a professionally produced and ingenious program.


Mrs. M. W. van Rooyen:

Welmari’s schoolwork deteriorated more and more. Her teachers and the school principal could not help. Remedial classes did not help. Her marks continued to deteriorate. What she has learnt in the afternoon, such as her tables and spelling, she would not know the following day. Everything she learnt was only temporary. We took her for a health check-up, had her eyes tested at various doctors, visited a dentist, clinical psychologist and school psychologist. Nobody could find anything wrong with Welmari. We were on our way to a neurologist to see if pills could not help when a friend heard about Edublox on the radio.


We started in August by doing three lessons per day. We persevered, but in the September exams, she still had an average of only 42%. After the October vacation we took new courage and three weeks before the final exam (November) she started bringing home test scores that varied between 80% and 87%, and for her final exam (December) she was awarded 53%. We were so joyful and thankful; we laughed and cried at the same time and praised God all the way.


Welmari remembers her tables, she spells much better, has the world of self-confidence and has studied on her own for her final exam. Maths is still a problem, and hard work still lies ahead, but we’ll persevere!  (Letter translated) 


Overcoming Reading Difficulties and Improving School Achievement:

If a reading difficulty is holding your child back, Edublox programs can help to unlock the door to a brighter future. Watch an interview with father and son.


Mrs. Dannhauser:

I feel that I must write to you to thank you for the wonderful system which you introduced to us, who have children with learning difficulties. I worked with my daughter according to your system during the last term of Grade 10. Now in her first term in Grade 11, her marks in all her subjects have improved remarkably. She still studies very hard, but her attitude towards her studies has changed completely. She used to say: “I work myself to death, and then I get 30%, while others who do not study at all get 70% or more!” Now she says: “Guess how much I got! I can’t believe it!” Even her Typing has improved. She remembers better, she concentrates better, her self-concept has improved. Even her sport has improved: she was moved up from the second netball team to the first. By looking at my child’s marks and her attitude towards school, I can substantiate everything you said about the effect of Edublox, that it improves reading and spelling, betters thinking, reasoning, memory and concentration, and improves the ability to study. (Letter translated)


Mrs. L. Botha:

Chris is at a boarding school and the lessons are done over weekends. His spelling and reading have improved incredibly. Where one always had to guess what he has written he now hardly ever makes any spelling mistakes. Sentence construction is also much better.


Adriaan Schutte:

About nine months ago, as you will probably remember, I contacted you for help for my son Werner, who was than in Grade 1. He had difficulties with spatial orientation, and auditory and concentration problems. He also worked so slowly that he often had to stay behind after school to finish incomplete work. Now, after one term in Grade 2, his class teacher informed me that he is one of the fastest workers in class. (Letter translated)


Kitty Venter:

Pedri (a Grade 6 student) had been diagnosed as dyslexic. His reading ability was on a Grade 2, second-semester level. He underachieved in Math, his concentration was poor, he had a spelling problem, poor self-esteem, perceptual problems and his memory was poor.


Reading and spelling have improved tremendously. Previously I had to read aloud all his schoolwork. After having done Edublox for 6 months he virtually studied on his own for this exam. He had made so much progress that he was now ready to attend extra Math classes. His concentration and memory have improved as well as his self-esteem. At this point in time reversals in numbers are virtually non-existent, while there are no more reversals in spelling. For the first time in his school career he received a merit prize — it was for Geography — for obtaining an average of more than 80%.


Reading is still not on grade level but we will prevail! (Letter translated)


Mrs. Verster:

Elmari has more self-confidence. She is more talkative. Previously she did not participate in discussions in class. She was too shy to recite poems. During the last term she could tell stories! She is now determined to complete a task and is more interested in reading.


Mrs. M. Engels:

JD battled with reading and spelling. He reversed “b” and “d.” Actually he battled with everything related to schoolwork. Since doing Edublox all his subjects have improved. His reading and spelling have greatly improved. He is now more anxious to pick up a book and read.


Hentie and Carine Fourie:

The change that became visible in Sanrie was unbelievable. How tragic that she had to battle for five years and that we had literally gone with her from pillar to post. However, God helped us to find you and for the first time in many years, she again has the confidence start something and persevere with it. Where previously she would not even read aloud to members of her family, she now has the courage to read even to strangers. Where previously she constantly asked for help with her homework, she now does it all by herself. When we are busy with the Edublox lessons in the evening, she refuses to pack up before she has read at least a page.


For us this is a wonderful change. We would like to thank you all for the wonderful support, patience, and encouragement. For the first time in five years, there is a positive change to be noted in Sanrie. Our joy and expectations are indescribable. We cannot stop telling other people about her wonderful progress. (Letter translated)


Mr. P. Burger:

Two months before the end of year examination, his class teacher and the principal informed us that Primarius would not pass fourth grade. As a result of Edublox, however, he passed with distinction and with the best marks he had ever achieved. His teacher phoned me and confirmed that it was a miracle that he had passed so well. (Letter translated)


Mr. Robert Tucker, Deputy Headmaster, International School, Malawi:

Our school has been seeking for some time an effective method of improving the remediation of all pupils who require help. Edublox has proved to be the most effective method — not only is it easy to administer but it has appeal to the students, and can be applied across the barriers of nationality. Both in the classroom situation, and in the specialized remediation groups, Edublox is proving its worth and students are showing real, measurable progress.


Mrs. C. G. C. Breedt, Teacher and Tutor:

Just a few words to tell of the good progress that we are making with the Edublox classes. Each year our school gives a book prize in the Junior and Senior Primary classes for the child who has made the best progress during the year. The 7 children who were nominated this year were all Edublox children. In the Junior Primary class Shelton Key got the prize. In the Senior Primary class it was awarded to Reinette du Plessis. Some of these children’s aggregates improved with as much as 11% during the year! (Letter translated)


Burnedette van den Heever:

Kaylin’s school marks dropped significantly in the 1st term of Grade 3. She found mathematics to be challenging and her teachers advised us that she had difficulty sitting still and her concentration was poor. Her reading was average. She was not achieving her full potential.


Since joining Edublox Kaylin’s average has increased from 64% to 82% within two terms. She reads faster than before and loves reading now. Her maths results have improved from 55% to 76%. Her concentration is better as we have not been texted or called in by the teacher. Her spelling ability is a lot better than before.


Caroline Janssen, Student:

My name is Caroline Janssen. I live in Gonubie and am very grateful to Edublox and those committed to the programme.


Throughout junior school I struggled with reading which in turn affected most of my work. I coped well with maths, however when story sums were introduced to us I started to struggle with maths as well. My mom tried everything she could to help me, sending me on all sorts of extra lessons. By the time I was in Grade 7 and we had tried everything available and I had become despondent. When mom suggested I try the Edublox I made her promise that this had to be the last thing I was going to try.


It was suggested that I go on the intense course. Before I started the course my reading was tested using a Grade 6 text and it showed that I was reading at a Grade 1 standard. Once I had completed the intense course my reading was tested again, this time using a Grade 7 text, my reading had improved to the level of a Grade 6!!!


I carried on with Edublox attending classes three times a week for another 18 months. Through Edublox I learnt a lot about myself and where my strengths lay, I then used these methods to learn. As the years went by my marks improved each term, I have just written matric (matric = Grade 12) and passed with a distinction — 3 B’s and 3 A’s !!!!! I will be going to UCT to do a BSc degree.


Mrs. N. van Niekerk, Teacher:

Since he was small Hendri’s parents realised that he was slower than his brother, sisters and peers. From the first day at school we gave extra attention to Hendri. He attended several remedial classes as well as other aid programs. These did not yield any results. Then we heard about Edublox.


The first and most important improvement was Hendri’s self-confidence. Through support, encouragement and praise Hendri changed from a quiet, reserved boy to a child with self-confidence and courage. His schoolwork has improved. His reading and spelling has benefited tremendously. His oral work improved due to the gain in self-confidence.


The regular Edublox program that I followed with him every day taught him discipline and later also self-discipline. At first I had to plead with him to begin, later he unpacked and put everything ready himself and he became very positive.


Beating Severe Dyslexia and ADD:

Edublox didn’t start yesterday. More than two decades ago we were already having remarkable results with severe dyslexia and ADD. Watch this video of young Michal who, despite having an average intellectual ability and after many years of therapy, was still completely illiterate at the age of 13. View his phenomenal progress.


Bev, ND, US:

Since I have been 15 years old I struggled with liver disease and the effects of  too much ammonia in my body which effects brain function. Three years ago I received a liver transplant, having the disease for that long left me with many symptoms of dyslexia and memory loss, so badly I didn’t feel I could ever function near normal again.


My son was tutored in Edublox for one summer by Barb who represented this company at that time. It improved his skills then and he now studies with greater ease and at higher grade level. When I recovered physically from my surgery Barb told me of this computer program. It has been a blessing in this simple woman’s life. I received hope again and have become a better person because of it.


I want you to know what you do has far and wide repercussions, I believe you and all your co-workers who keep this program running have helped many people in their efforts to become whole again. Thank You for the part you play in all our lives.


Sonia Koorts:

I took Pierre to Edublox because I was concerned about his obvious reversals of letters and numbers. He enjoyed the classes and now hardly ever has any reversals. Previously, his teacher complained that Pierre was dreaming in class and that he lacked the ability to complete his tasks. Since doing Edublox there has been a marked improvement in my child. He has gained confidence and is now looking forward to going to school. He has also started to enjoy reading.


He now completes his tasks at school and often finishes his work before his classmates. His teacher is very satisfied and we are proud of the good report he received at the end of last term.  


Marina Ythier-Jacobsz, Kalodyne, Mauritius:

I was recently with my daughter Mia in Durban with Marj Arslanian and, yet again, I asked myself why since hearing of and testing Edublox, I have never contacted you to look into the possibility of a franchise in Mauritius.


I was in Durban for a “checkup” to see how Mia was doing as she has been an Edublox “student” for the past couple of years, even if we do live in Mauritius. Some 6 years ago, I arrived completely distraught in Durban as my daughter had loads of school difficulties to the point where the school had mentioned not keeping her. It turned out she had binocular vision issues and was a tiny bit dyslexic. The right diagnosis and Edublox (Yolande at the time) literally saved my child. It transformed her from a sad, insecure girl into someone who knows that perseverance, the right programme and love can do miracles.


I was wondering if you would consider a franchise in Mauritius…


Becky R, US:

We started Edublox last April with our daughter who has severe language delays. We worked until about mid-June and then took our homeschool break for the summer. My husband and I were amazed at the results we noticed in just that short of a time period, and I am looking forward to starting school again next week as I know we will continue to see a progression for her.


The thing my husband and I found most encouraging was that when we started the program, I stopped all other academics for those months and just did Edublox. One day, I hear my daughter in her room, and realize she is reading a book to herself. Even though we weren’t working on that area, she suddenly took off! She now picks up books all the time and reads them, and reads all the signs she sees on the roads, etc. We saw enough improvement in that short time to know that we have found a big key to her success, and I know it will continue as we pick back up again for the school year. Edublox is the first thing I will be doing with my daughter in the morning!


Mrs. G. E. Weilbach:

Our youngest son, 11 years old, is apparently dyslexic. He attends a remedial school. For four years he had intensive occupational therapy, but it had no positive effect on his reading ability. Until we started the present course, he was unable to read even a single word without first spelling it before saying it. The result was that he read painfully slowly and without any comprehension. We started the Edublox program three months ago. Since then there has been a great improvement in both his spelling and reading abilities. He can now distinguish between b’s and d’s. His self-image has improved considerably and his interest in books is constantly growing. (Letter translated)


Mr. Seegers:

He and his mother have worked very hard and consistently and the result was that he was rewarded with the book prize for the best improvement during last year. Obviously, there is still much room for improvement but the result so far has been most gratifying. The course requires hard work and great sacrifice, but it is more than worthwhile.


Mr. Peter Nel, Principal:

Learning failure is a problem faced by most teaching institutions today. One can debate about the causes but the fact remains that the majority of scholars experience this problem at some time or other in their school career. As we all know, concentration, memory and especially reading are essential if learning is to take place.


We were introduced to Edublox one and a half years ago where we recognized the immense potential of this system.


Our first noticeable success was a pupil who came to our school with a poor academic record whose prognosis was poor. The child was able to concentrate for extremely short periods of time only. In addition, he could not retain information for any period of time. After three months of intensive Edublox training, a remarkable improvement was noted by all of his teachers. The child passed tests for the first time in his school career and has moved on to the high school where he is coping.


Our group results were just as convincing and not only did the pupils benefit substantially, but they also enjoyed the Edublox sessions. Teachers noted that pupils who attended these sessions were far better in class than previously. Their attention span had increased, leading to better academic performance.


These results convinced us that each pupil in the school should benefit form Edublox. All our teachers have received training and are enthusiastically conducting Edublox sessions.


Christine Fourie:

Liam has spelling dyslexia and was experiencing difficulty and frustration at school. He has attended different kinds of therapies over the years, but I decided to enrol him at Edublox because if offered a fun, therapeutically sound way to work on cognitive skills needed for reading and spelling.


Liam loves attending lessons at Edublox. He enjoys working on the computer program, and his visual memory has improved. He enjoys interacting with the friends and tutors. He attended the Studiblox course as well.


Liam has shown gradual improvement in spelling over the past 18 months. He now regularly achieves 80% or higher for spelling tests. Liam achieved 8th place in the ‘Top Ten’ of his grade in the third term this year. This is something he never dreamed possible. He was over the moon.


Thank you Edublox for helping to make a dream come true.


Petrus Etsebeth, High School Student:

Thank you for Edublox. My self-esteem has improved tremendously and my attitude towards my studies has changed. My concentration and memory have also improved. My parents’ point of view is that Edublox is a much better legacy than gold or silver, because it is helping me in many different ways to be a better student and to experience the joy of achievement. (Letter translated)


Marietjie van Rooyen:

The marks of our eldest daughter, who used to be a top achiever, started to drop in Grade 9. By the beginning of Grade 11 it had already dropped by 25% — much lower than we had been used to. Much effort, time and money for extra lessons did not achieve any noticeable results. Her self-confidence dropped as low as her marks. We were desperate.


After we had followed the Edublox program intensively for one month her self-confidence, concentration, logical thinking and marks all improved considerably. We are still doing Edublox with all our children.


I am so sorry that we had not tried Edublox a lot earlier, but one is inclined to be sceptical because there are so many aids and programs on the market, and each and every one of them purports to be the ultimate answer to all one’s problems. Well, we have certainly walked the treadmill. Our youngest daughter was a very sickly baby and toddler, and as a result she was not stimulated sufficiently. She had occupational therapy, went to reading laboratories, took medication, was in a remedial class and even repeated Grade 3 — all to no avail. It gives me great pleasure to say that at present she is also well on her way towards achieving her full potential, without any extra lessons or medication — only Edublox, discipline and lots of love.


The only frustration that I experience now is that I have already told so many parents that Edublox really is the answer to the problems of most children, but many prefer to stick to the old ways. The difference, however, is that with Edublox you start right from the beginning teaching children skills that they do not possess, and then after that everything falls into place. One cannot expect from a child to “store” knowledge if he has not been taught to remember, to read, or to concentrate.


Best of all is that I can now every day spend quality time with my children and that Edublox enables me to discover if there are any defects — and then we all work together on these. What a wonderful privilege.


Adriaan Schutte, B.Com. Student:

My reading speed, with full comprehension, has doubled during the past nine weeks. I find intellectual work less tiring and find that I can wake up every morning without an alarm clock.


Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific brain-training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.