Overcoming Learning Disabilities, PART 3: 120+ Videos, Testimonials and Reviews

Overcoming Learning Disabilities, PART 3: 120+ Videos, Testimonials and Reviews

Below are testimonials, reviews and video clips, covering Edublox clients of all age groups, from all over the world, at various stages of implementation, and for various needs — from improving the cognitive skills of children without learning difficulties to overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia, math problems, et cetera. Long success stories, case studies and research studies have their own pages. To view all our success stories, click here..

Special Needs Children: Miracles Do Happen:

The story of Sonja, who soon after birth contracted meningitis and encephalitis, causing severe brain damage. Doctors said she would never read nor write. That was until her parents heard about our program, and Sonja learned to read in 60 days. This video has been viewed more than 35,000 times since 2008:



Mrs. S. Scarborough, USA:

We have been doing Edulox in 1 hr sessions — we have completed 32 sessions. I have already noticed some changes in her “reading behavior,” most notably, she wants to read. One night she took 9 books to bed, I almost cried. I can only credit Edublox because nothing else has changed.


Sonia, Teacher, Mauritius: 

My name is Sonia I am responsible for the SEN Department in an International school in Mauritius. I came to know about Edublox through one of my students. She entered school and had already been diagnosed as being a dyslexic at her previous school. You would never had imagined that she could have been dyslexic if you had not been told as she did not present any symptom of dyslexia…. I asked her about her “secret” and her father replied that he used Edublox with her everyday for quite a while. He tried many other means to help her overcome her dyslexia before but the only thing that gave good and lasting results was Edublox.


He lent me his set and I tried it with a group of students aged between 11-16 and I was very amazed to see that their results improved and they were more confident. I also tried Edublox with one of my student suffering from Asperger’s syndrome. He really appreciated it and it helped him to communicate and developed his motor coordination skills.


Now, I am convinced with the product…as it is not only a product it changes people’s life… I strongly recommend Edublox to anyone!


Leigh-Ann Henney-van Heerden:

My husband and I would like to thank you and your team for the work and effort that you do in enriching not just ours but the rest of the children’s lives.


Chadley’s reading has definitely improved and he certainly has more confidence in doing so. There is no need for me to write sentences for him, he does that on his own and only asks for help when he struggles or is unsure about something. He will surely be attending each and every class until you tell us otherwise.


Wendy J v Rensburg, USAID Southern Africa:

I would just like to let you know that I’ve noticed improvement in Brandon’s progress at school so far. Since coming out of the holiday program and starting the term I’ve noticed that he has started to pay more attention on his workload. He has started to pay more attention to his homework whereas before he was never interested and used to bring them all home where i had to sit and help him with it. He is now doing his homework at school and even completing most of it. His self-esteem has improved slightly and I see a positive attitude of wanting to do well. I did not think that this program would work so quickly but I’m glad that it did.


Adele van der Merwe:

My daughter, Kayla, struggled constantly with school work from grade one. Teachers would say that something is not right but they don’t know what the problem is. After pursuing numerous avenues, we finally found Edublox… Firstly, I noticed that her confidence was growing, then she started to excel in her languages and she started to comprehend what she was reading. I am very proud and relieved to see how her marks have improved. I would highly recommend Edublox and am thankful to the excellent and caring personnel of Edublox because without them it would not have been possible.


Radio Interview, An Incredible Story of Hope:

Lameez Armien shares an incredible story of hope, of how she discovered Edublox and how it has helped her children overcome major learning challenges. The interview was broadcast on Radio 786 on 19 January 2016:



Bronwin Theron:

I am so grateful to God and to you and the staff at Edublox. Justin has only been there for the past four weeks. I had a meeting with his teacher yesterday and she says she already sees a change in him. His reading has improved as well as his writing and spelling. He received his first badge yesterday for good work and he was so proud.


Thank you so much to you and your teachers for what you have done so far. I now look forward to see him grow more with your guys’ help.


Gaynor Nieuwenhuis:

Erin was diagnosed with ADHD about two years ago. She enrolled at Edublox due to the fact that she has difficulty concentrating, eligible handwriting, poor memory and struggled to read. Since enrolling at Edublox I have found that her reading has improved and her teacher told me that her concentration span has increased. Her handwriting has also improved. I have seen a fast improvement, but think that she might still need to improve her reading and spelling.


Thembi Thusini:

I would like to say a big THANK YOU to the staff of Edublox West Rand for the work well done on Silindo. It feels that I did not waste my money and time. His attitude towards school work and going to school has changed a lot. He is more confident about his work, he is also one of the top learners in his class. I’m so proud of Silindo, even his teacher is. He is going to Grade 4 with flying colours.


Sadiqah Levy:

I would like to thank you and your team for the work you have done with Munawwar to date. He is showing excellent performance at school and reading books fluently, roads signs, advertisements. Anything that has a letter he will try his utmost to spell.


I had a chat with his teacher at school last week and she is so proud of him, even though he is a chatter box in class he has improved over the last couple of months. The concern that she had in February is GONE…. My only concern is his handwriting.


Colin and Karen: 

Cole came to see you in Feb and did the study course with you in April. His results this last term were awesome. He pulled his average up by 5% to 88% and even got 100% for maths. It has improved his self confidence dramatically and he even studies less. In the past we used to study over weekends, now we will not even open a book over the weekend. Just learning how to study effectively and what works for him has really worked. He no longer feels he can’t do English and came from 47% first term to 91% this last term.


Zeynep Breakey:

My son is 10 years old and in 4th grade. We have started with Edublox in November 2005 and so far done about 90 hours of the Dyslexia Program. Towards the end of last year, it was suggested to me that he should go to a remedial school. At the end of the first term this year, he brought home a lovely report card: 70% for English, 82% for Maths, etc. My son is over the moon with these results. We are of course carrying on with the program [towards 250 hours]. If one works hard and perseveres, Edublox is a miracle worker. There really IS light at the end of the tunnel…


Linda, South Africa:

Jordan battled to read and his teachers were very concerned. Within two weeks of introducing Edublox, they couldn’t believe the improvement. Within 4 months, his report from his teacher was “the change in Jordan is nothing short of miraculous.” He is now the top reader in the class.


Kai, USA:

I have been using Edublox with my 9 year old son since February (1/2 hour, 5 days per week). His reading wasn’t terrible, just very slow, lots of sounding out, guessing, and misread little words. OK, maybe his reading was terrible, LOL! Anyway, since February, his oral reading speed has increased by 2 grade levels and in May he started reading for pleasure! He read something like 1000 pages on his own (Boxcar Children type books) in May. In contrast, he read about 200 pages on his own the previous month and I was making him do it. I’m pretty sure it was the Edublox that helped him so dramatically.


Sarah Hinson, USA:

I have seen much improvement with my son’s school work! I did a crash course of 20 hours the first week and just on the first day he was up to 23 blocks on the sequencing exercise and now he is up to 30! I remember him saying that first week that he felt his head being “tingly and itchy.” I told him we were rewiring his brain!! I was very excited! His reading is slow, 72 word cards now, but still a major improvement in such a short time. He will actually pick up things to read on his own and choose books at the library which he never, never has done before; he is 11 years old by the way. My husband and I are so happy with the program. Thank you!


Vyckie Bennett, Northeast Nebraska, USA:

I have been using Edublox with 5 of my 7 children for almost two weeks now. The more familiar I become with the program the better I like it.


This really is an amazing program. It is simple enough to be do-able — exercises are straightforward, easily implemented with little advanced training or preparation — yet it is brilliant in that I can use it with every age level (pre-K through high school), whether my students are advanced, slow-to-learn, or average (I have all three types of learners), and I can see how we can continue to use Edublox practically indefinitely as each student is able to do the exercises on a more complex level.


Edublox is also comprehensive, covering reading, writing, mathematics, spelling, not to mention improving comprehension, concentration, memory, listening skills, etc.


Hester van As:

I hereby wish to thank you and Edublox for the excellent progress my son, Christoffel, has made since starting with the program. Due to the improvement in his reading ability his school marks have improved markedly in all areas. He is now able to complete his comprehension tests, where previously he lost marks due to a lack of understanding of the contents. His reading speed, spelling and mathematics have also improved. He is calmer in class, which I attribute to the fact that he tackles his work with more confidence. Christoffel’s self-esteem has also improved, which I also ascribe to Edublox.


Overcoming Learning Disabilities and Low Self-Esteem:

Children who have learning disabilities are at risk for having lower self-esteem and self worth than that of their peers. From an early age, children compare themselves with others in areas such as academics, the ability to make and keep friends, and athletic prowess. Children with learning disabilities may judge themselves as “stupid”, “slow” or “dumb”, based on academic comparisons with other children. By overcoming a learning disability the child’s self-esteem is usually restored.


Mrs. R. Potgieter, Bryandale Primary School:

I would like to compliment you on a wonderful product. I used it in my Grade 2 class last year. The improvement in the children’s reading and spelling ability after a year was great. I had no children with spatial problems. They could all sequence and their memories improved. I think it is a great program and cannot wait to use it again this year.


L. Patfield, Teacher in White County, GA, USA:

I am writing to attest to the fact that we are seeing steady progress and success with the Edublox program.


I am currently using it with a first grade student. This student is repeating first grade and was reading at a pre-primary level. He is now on grade level in both reading and math. Sight vocabulary is excellent and memory skills are improving. Both the classroom teacher and the parents have noted steady improvement. I am anxious to start other students on this program. Gains may also be due to maturity, repeating a grade level and continued individualized instruction. 


Student, Steele-Dawson Elementary School, USA:

I am a student of Steele-Dawson Elementary school and i was wondering if you could tell our teacher that I think Edublox is fun, and if we could play the old game one more time before we get the know ones and could you please send a movie with you on it about Edublox because we are all so curious to see you and maybe sometime meet you. Nice of you to send this product to us it is just so much fun and how could our class ever repay you.


C. J. Muller, Principal:

This program has had tremendous effect on all the pupils’ self-image and self-discipline. When I think back where we started, for example with memory exercises, and I see the progress the pupils have made, I am totally amazed. It has also done a great deal for the pupils’ concentration.


I can highly recommend the Edulox class program in any school situation, since it concentrates on colour, shape, number, spelling, mathematical concept and language development, which are an integral part of any child’s development and education.


Debbie Roberts, Mullaloo, Perth, Australia:

Jake, now 8 years, had been suffering badly at school with spelling and reading, and his ability to concentrate was pretty bad. Within a year of going to Edublox with Corna, Jake is now able to read with confidence and can spell words a lot easier than before. His teacher at school says he is doing very well in class and she can definitely see a big improvement.


Robert Provencher, USA:

Our son is doing so well. He reads everything from cereal boxes to road signs. Edublox has greatly improved his self-esteem and pride in his abilities. Edublox has definitely made a difference. I’m going to video him doing a session and send it to you. … Considering my experience with our son I’m convinced that Edublox has been the primary influence.


Mrs. I. R. Titus, Teacher, Namibia:

Arthur had reading problems, problems with visual memory, visual analysis and synthesis, spatial orientation, visual discrimination, and with sounds and word construction. Spelling was also a problem.


We started with Edublox three months ago. Spatial orientation is no longer a problem. He enjoys the lessons and gives his undivided attention. Previously Arthur was very tense when he had to read because he could not recognise all the words. Since starting with Edublox his reading has improved a lot. His eye-span has widened and he is quick to recognise words.


Mrs. Gudmanz, Teacher:

When I started teaching Roland in April this year, he was very unsettled and kept turning around or walking around in the classroom. I have noticed a vast improvement on this aspect. He has become a responsible boy who sits in his desk until a given task has been completed. He is a perfectionist and sees that all work is completed to the best of his ability.


Roland was previously very reluctant to write longer stories due to the fact that there were always so many errors. Toward the end of the year, he was writing stories of a page and more with few spelling or grammatical errors. Roland has learnt to concentrate and carefully choose his sentences. He had also gained confidence with regard to spelling, as his phonics has improved remarkably.


Conquering Concentration Difficulties:

Concentration is the ability to pay attention to one single thought or subject to the exclusion of everything else. Improving the ability to concentrate allows a person to avoid the problems, embarrassment, and difficulties that occur when the mind wanders. Better concentration makes studying easier and speeds up comprehension. It helps one to focus on one’s goals and achieve them more easily.



Mrs. Lombard:

The first term I had to teach him and he had to memorise everything; the second term, after starting with the program he studied on his own with some help from me. By the fourth term he was able to study on his own and I did not even check his work. His reading speed as well as his comprehension had improved, and his spelling is also a lot better. (Letter translated)


Mrs. Varkevisser:

Carmen’s reading is much better, and she has now started to enjoy reading. She concentrates better and for longer periods. She is no longer so easily disheartened when she struggles, has more self-confidence and has learnt to persevere. We are still working on phonics and spelling. (Letter translated)


Mrs. C. E. Schellingerhout:

Anneli failed twice, with the result that she is presently in a special class. She has been diagnosed as having a neurological dysfunction. Her ability to comprehend was poor, as well as her reading. She had severe perceptual problems.


Since doing Edublox her ability to concentrate has greatly improved. I always had to read her work aloud for her for tests. Now she can read and learn everything on her own. She has progressed to being the second best of all the special class pupils in the school and has received an award for it. Nevertheless, there is still room for improvement which is only possible through very hard work and dedication. Thank you very much! (Letter translated)


Mrs. M. Waldeck:

Deon (18 years of age; Grade 10) made slow progress in school. Due to a slow work tempo he fell behind. As the year progressed he fell further and further behind. His concentration was poor, and spelling a big problem. Because his reading was slow he battled to study. He failed English the first term. He had a negative attitude towards school and was sometimes rebellious when he had to learn.


A few months after Deon had become an Edublox user his work tempo gradually increased. While he previously failed to complete his exam papers within the allotted time, he was able to do it by the end of the year. Because he could now write faster and concentrate better he made fewer mistakes. Homework sessions do not take so long anymore and therefore he is less frustrated and rebellious about it. His spelling has also improved and he is much more positive and motivated to study. He passed all his subjects at the end of the year, after being an Edublox user for six months. (Letter translated)


Chris van Niekerk, Student in Metallurgical Engineering:

My reading speed and ability to concentrate improved gradually, with the result that I could study for longer periods on end. At present I make fewer spelling mistakes, while my work tempo has improved remarkably. During the first semester I still needed extra time to complete test and exam papers, which was not necessary during the last semester at all. These factors all contributed to better academic achievements, a better self-image, accompanied with greater purposefulness, motivation and self-discipline. (Letter translated)


My bog Spot:

Listen to Katelin sharing her Edublox journey in a very special manner.



The letter below was forwarded by Don McCabe, founder of AVKO:

Dear Mr. McCabe,


I am interested in using AVKO as my spelling program next year with my son, Zachary. We homeschool and Zachary will be in fifth grade. He was VERY delayed this year and is now on grade level. Which program should I use? “Sequential Spelling” or “If it is to be…?”


Also, am I right that you are looking for testimonies from Edublox users? I have very successfully used Edublox. Zachary could read at the beginning of this school year, but Writing, Spelling and Math were all difficult and frustrating for him. He has (had?) Central Auditory Processing Disorder and Sensory Integration problems. He very much wanted to be “caught up” (which in his mind means not working below the level of his younger sister). At the time, he was misspelling three letter words (which he had studied for several weeks!), could not write a complete sentence without bursting into tears and could not remember how to do simple Math problems.


I purchased Edublox in November, after seeing a demonstration and began using the program five hours a day. (At the same time, I also began using Earobics and he was going to Occupational Therapy. Earobics is a program that teaches children how to hear the difference between sounds). At first, we just did the Edublox, but no academic work. I could not really understand how the activities would “transfer” over to academic work, so I video-taped Zachary reading before he began the program and then 10 hours after using the program. We were surprised to watch both segments and see the difference. While his reading hadn’t changed, the way he read and held his body did. In the first segment he was moving/wiggling while reading (and had chosen a rocking chair to sit in). His face was very tense. In the second portion of the video-tape, he was very relaxed and was sitting still. He had chosen to sit on the couch. After using the program for two weeks, I told Zachary I was going to set a timer for 30 minutes. He was to write a story (even if it was just one sentence) and he was to spell all the words by his best guess (he has a small booklet of words he usually uses to spell words). I asked him not to cry about it, but just to do his best. In 30 minutes he had written THE MOST BEAUTIFUL story about a rabbit in a pet store. All of his sentences were in proper chronological order!!! (He had only just begun learning how to do this in his spoken speech!) The most surprising thing, though, was that he had CORRECTLY spelled many 5 letter words!!!


Whenever I meet someone with a child who is struggling, I do not hesitate to recommend Edublox. I think every child who is struggling deserves the opportunity to try this program. It is wonderful!!!


I mention the other two things Zachary was doing (Earobics and Occupational Therapy), because I think both of them contributed to his increased academic ability. However, I do give much of the credit to Edublox because it addressed so many problems Zachary was having. I think he needed all three programs to be completely successful.)


I look forward to your response concerning your spelling programs. I would like to pick the program that would be most suitable for Zachary.


Thanks so much!
Sherry Bowlsby


Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific brain-training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.