Overcoming Learning Disabilities, PART 1: 120+ Videos, Testimonials and Reviews

Overcoming Learning Disabilities, PART 1: 120+ Videos, Testimonials and Reviews

Below are testimonials, reviews and video clips, covering Edublox clients of all age groups, from all over the world, at various stages of implementation, and for various needs — from improving the cognitive skills of children without learning difficulties to overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia, math problems, et cetera. Long success stories, case studies and research studies have their own pages. To view all our success stories, click here..

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Laura Poland-Trudel, Canada:

I have a dyslexic boy who is now ten. He is going into Grade Five. He usually ends his year with a fail in reading and writing. Since Grade Two the school has wanted him to repeat his year and I have refused, promising to try to help him myself. We have been through many different programs (at school and at home), with very little results.


We began Edublox about six weeks before Grade Four ended. His concentration has greatly improved; he actually listens to what the teacher is saying; less clowning in class. He can now actually pick up a book and read on his own, something he never did before. The principal called me to tell me that for the first time my son passed all his courses! He got a C in reading and a B in writing!


 Mrs. P. J. Spibey, Remedial Teacher, Australia:

I would like to tell you how impressed I am with the Edublox program. I worked with 10 children last year and we did one hour, three times per week for the whole year. I had one child in the class that I had been doing remedial work with the previous three years with no sign of progress. He remained a real worry to me as to his parents. After only one year of Edublox, he ended up at the end of last year in the top of his class. He has gained confidence in his abilities and I feel is on the road to success.


Mrs. Fouche, South Africa:

We saw an occupational therapist and a psychologist. We sent him for extra classes and remedial classes. Without success. He was a reserved boy with little self-confidence and a very low self-esteem. He lost courage in high school and scored very low marks. He hated school, was depressed and rebellious, and could not accept his problems….


Jaco has already achieved success in the four months during which he has been using Edublox. He is now cheerful and self-confident. He realized that he is not stupid. His ability to concentrate and his work tempo have improved drastically. It is no longer unusual to see him read a newspaper or magazine and then to tell me what he has read. He now seldom spells words when reading. His whole attitude towards school has changed. Previously he was satisfied if he scored 33.3 percent. Now he aspires after high marks.


We are confident that Jaco’s problem will soon be something of the past, that he will be able to attain his full potential and be a happy young man with lots of ambition. (Letter translated)


Janine Webb:

My daughter has dyslexia and we were told two years ago that she would not be able to read or write, but we have achieved amazing results with Edublox and she is in a mainstream school and coping well. Her favourite hobby is, believe it or not, reading.


R. Lewis, USA:

I am a very enthusiastic newcomer. I bought the program for my nine-year-old son, Quintin, and am already so excited about his progress with the program. Sheryl has been a tremendous resource and her input has been invaluable. I have been truly amazed at how quickly we have seen progress with his focus and concentration skills and how that has translated to improved reading skills.


Radio Interview, Overcoming Reading and Learning Difficulties:

After years of therapy Shirley Lindecke’s son was still struggling with reading and learning. But then she heard about Edublox and her son’s life changed. Listen to her story as told on Radio SAfm.



Leila Wangari, Kenya:

It is with great joy I am writing to you. I received my Edublox kit but could not start in August due to some constraints, however I started in October and the results were more than a thrill. My son has been at a score of 250 out of 500 for long, but after doing half an hour every morning before he goes to school at the end of the term he made a progress of 321. His teachers are also overwhelmed with his reading and the confidence he has developed.


Mrs. L. Ritchie:

His change is nothing short of miraculous according to his teachers. In the first term he could not read and they were very worried about him. Now he is the top reader in his class.


Susan Kane, Duncraig, Perth, Australia:

When it was suggested to me that I try my 6-year-old son with Edublox, I was sceptical. Many felt that he could not do anything! His self-esteem and confidence was low and concentration span extremely small. Harry was so slow in doing anything.


Things were not going better at school, a few months into his first year and we were struggling. Corna asked me to give it 6 months. It was worth the try. Over the last 6 months the change in Harry’s abilities and the opinion of himself has been very dramatic. He has continually improved in all areas of learning. He has come ahead in school in leaps and bounds. His reading skills are excellent and I was recently informed by his teacher that he is performing above average. OK, Harry is not the fastest kid on the block, but Edublox has given him the skills and I believe the confidence to work with what he has got, and that is quite exceptional. In the ordinary school environment this is not necessarily recognized, but with Edublox and with the enthusiastic and strong leadership of Corna he has been able to develop. Harry is very happy to attend his sessions and can explain what it is all about and what he does during a session.


I am very sorry to be leaving Perth as I am taking Harry away from Edublox, but I can see the foundations have been laid and he will not go backwards. (I hope there is Edublox where we are going to the East of Australia.)


Both Harry and I are very grateful for finding this system and for the excellent results. We also thank Corna for her determined and caring approach, which has brought out the best in Harry.


Before starting with Edublox I was told by the Child Development Centre that Harry was ADHD. I did not believe this to be true at all! He was just a bit lost and confused and needed direction on how to concentrate. Edublox has given this to him.


Daleen Kaselowski:

Within only a few weeks after starting the Edublox program with her, I could already notice a difference. She started things with considerably more self-confidence. She also started reading words and phrases on buildings and trucks as we drove past. That was clear indication to me that she was now reading with more confidence than before. She unexpectedly announced one afternoon that she was going to the café on her bicycle. That was a complete surprise, as she would never have done something like that before.


Tanja has now developed into a girl with so much self-confidence that she has become a real little teaser in class. She enjoys teasing other children and likes having fun. She always has a smile on her little face. In addition, she has developed into a real little leader in her group.


She concentrates much better and in general is much more observant than before. She performs better in all school subjects. I am pleased to say that my child’s whole being has changed, thanks to the Edublox program.


Mr. and Mrs. van Heerden:

Now, after three months, his work has already improved remarkably. Where previously he was reluctant and often even refused to read, he is now eager to read and sometimes even asks his teacher for an extra reading lesson. His tendency to reverse words — he often read words like “net” as “ten” — has disappeared and the reversal of letters and figures has diminished drastically. All this has of course improved his reading speed. The same improvements are also noticeable in his written work. His concentration, memory and self-confidence have also improved and the effect of this can be seen in his general schoolwork. Even his coordination has improved. We can really recommend the program to all people with reading and/or learning problems. (Letter translated)


Is it b or d? Overcoming Letter Reversals:

Edublox programs are effective in overcoming reversals, for example when a child reads “dog” as “bog” or looks at the written word “was” and reads it as “saw”, etc.



Wendy and John Davidson:

At the beginning of the school year we were told by the teacher that Brent in Grade 2 had a maths problem and was reading at the age of a 5 year old. Brent is 7 years old. We were told that he would probably have to go to a remedial school, but we were not happy with this option. We heard about Edublox and after a lot of research we thought that this was an option to take.


So we started Brent on the Edublox program in March. The results have proved themselves… We have had reports back from the teacher that he is producing the most amazing maths, his concentration levels are great, his memory has improved drastically, his reading has improved and his self-confidence has also improved. Last term he came third in a class of 26 children for spelling.


Mrs. M. Nieuwoudt:

The Edublox learning program was the direct cause of the fact that my child was one of four in his class who received book prizes for achievement. Thank you again for all your help. I shall definitely continue to make use of it for many more years to come. (Letter translated)


Mrs. van Zyl, Namibia:

She now carries out instructions after they have been given once only and completes her work in the allotted time. She concentrates better and does not reverse any more. For the first time she received a certificate at last year’s prize giving…


Ronel enjoys the course and her excitement is indescribable when she gets a whole sequence of blocks correct. We as parents are thankful that — after consulting many other therapists — we now have the opportunity to help our child at home. (Letter translated)


Mrs. T. Wepener:

Brent is now in sixth grade. He has always had difficulty with his spelling, but as the work became more difficult, his spelling caused him to lose interest in reading and marks because of spelling errors.


We were introduced to Edublox and we felt we had to give Brent the opportunity to try to improve his problem. He has now been doing Edublox for six weeks and not only has it improved his spelling, but it has made Brent more confident in his schoolwork and more interested, which in turn has made it more enjoyable. He will now even try to read an article whereas before he would not.


Brent himself thoroughly enjoys the Edublox lessons and definitely feels he has gained a lot. He finds his concentration has improved and also that he is more aware throughout the day.


Mrs. K. G. Robertson:

My son has suffered from dyslexia and has tried the following: Remedial teaching, extra lessons and occupational therapy. Unfortunately, although there was an improvement my son’s problem remained. This resulted in him avoiding any reading and writing. He developed behavioral problems. He was ashamed of his dyslexia.


We started Edublox and within a period of two months he improved to the extent that he will pick up and read a newspaper or magazine of his own free will — without prompting. He has stopped reversing and substituting the letters b, p, and d. He writes messages freely.


The Edublox program has made an immense difference.


Naledi’s Story:

Experts said her daughter has intellectual challenges and would never read, but at Edublox success started on Day 2. This video brings you the first episode of Naledi’s story, as told through her mother’s eyes.



Gina Hartoog:

During the third and fourth term of Grade 2, my son did very poorly in maths. His confidence took a knock and he became very emotional and anxious when it came to written tests. We decided to put him in Edublox and Mathblox classes for Grade 3. Within six weeks I noticed a huge difference in him. His confidence grew amazingly and the tears stopped! He was quite simply – a different child! In his first written maths test for Grade 3 he got 77% – the second highest in his class.


D. C. Thaker, Dubai:

I am happy to inform you that Rajat (my son) has made considerable progress. His reversals have almost disappeared and his attention span has also increased more than before, though that’s an area that needs to be worked on more and we will continue to make him work. Thanks a lot for your help and input.


K., USA:

I thought you’d appreciate a little update. We’ve only been following the program to get our son’s language back for about 6 weeks now. Everyone who knows our son has been telling us how much they’ve noticed how his speech has improved. Everyone is amazed at how quickly he’s improved and they want to know what we’re doing differently. Even the speech therapist is impressed with the results we’re seeing. He is using longer and longer sentences to communicate what he wants or needs. Thank you again for sending me the instructions, it has made a tremendous difference! We will keep at it until his language catches up with his reading ability.


Michelle Meintjes:

Hope you are well. Just to update you. Jayden passed grade 4 last year and I feel had we not enrolled him with Edublox he wouldn’t have made it, as he did not do well in his first three terms. He improved in all his subjects but he still has issues with maths. He was promoted to continue with his other subjects on condition that he still gets addition assistance for maths.


So far so good with what he has been doing – getting good marks for his Afrikaans and English spelling tests and for one maths test he got 17 out of 20!! Very proud of him. He likes to do his homework by himself (I do check) and he seems to have more understanding.


I believe with Edublox’s continuous help he will improve more and more.


Mrs. P. J. van der Walt:

I must advise that Ilze’s progress has been very positive and I can almost say that she is going from strength to strength with regards her schoolwork. I have had so many positive reports from her teachers and not only have her Math and English improved but also her drawings in general, her attitude towards school and she remembers things much better. In fact, last term before the main exam started they were given a history test (this I might add was an unprepared and unlearned history test). She was the only one in the class who got full marks.


Mrs. Annette du Toit:

Lize learns much more easily and her Math increased by 24% over the last term. Her teacher was truly amazed.


Dewald Defies Learning Deficits:

Dewald was born deaf of deaf. Both his parents are deaf as well as his younger brother. Because he was failing English Literacy, Mathematics and Sign Language, Dewald attended a 10-day, 43-hour Edublox course. Watch the video to see the results.



Mrs. Turnbull, Keswick, Cumbria, UK: 

Since the start of the Edublox programme I have noticed a change in Bryan’s attitude to reading although sitting down to read text is not his favourite pass-time. I have noticed that he that he is more willing to try and read signs, instructions for toys, flowers and plant names at garden centres etc., things that once went unnoticed.


Leslieanne and Paul Cartmell, Keswick, Cumbria, UK: 

The Edublox pilot scheme has brought Darren on 100% in reading, concentration, memory and spelling (and others listed overleaf). His reading ability is now wonderful compared to 6 months ago. He has enjoyed coming every morning and has never moaned about setting off early. Edublox has been wonderful.


Wendy, South Africa:

I was very excited to read about your internet site. I’m a mother who used Edublox for our daughters 17 years ago and really had great success with it. We were told that neither of them would be able to complete school and would probably have to leave after Std 8. Well, with lots of prayers and Edublox they both passed matric, each with 1 distinction…


Maggie Gouws:

We enrolled at Edublox because we needed to improve on Darren’s reading. He also needs some help with concentration.


His reading has improved a lot and his understanding of what he reads. His school marks have improved, including his maths. He can also spend more time in front of his books when studying, because his attitude towards reading is more positive.


Mrs. D. Duff, Teacher and Parent, USA:

I am a big fan of your program. I purchased a kit many years ago for my daughter and saw the miracles this program can work. As a former SpEd teacher and parent, I am amazed that more schools have not picked up this and tried it. I am writing to inquire if you have any research or data on Edublox and deaf/hard of hearing students…


Ofentse Rapoo: 

Moagi’s teacher was raving about his improvement during our last 1 on 1 and she asked for details so that she can recommend the programme to some parents in her class. Moagi is now working independently, his reading and confidence has improved a lot since Edublox. He gets 10/10 every week on his spelling tests, and brags every week that he’s a super speller when he gets into the car!


So once again… know that I appreciate all you ladies do from the bottom of my heart! Thank you.


Phyllis Kariuki, Kenya:

The boy did his mid-term test so well he was rewarded the most improved child in his class. He scored 433 marks out of 500 where he used to score less than 350. He is so happy with his results and he is very confident that he will still perform well in the end of year exam.


Sandra Robinson:

I would like to inform you that my child Jason Robinson, who started the Edublox program two weeks before final exams, has passed Grade Nine. This is a huge miracle as I was sure that he would have to repeat, a second time. He did not fail a single subject, yet mid-year there was almost no hope. From what I could see, he did not study any more hours than he usually did, so it could only be Edublox that helped him.


Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific brain-training exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.