Reading and Learning Has Become a Pleasure

For me, as a homeschool mom, it’s amazing to see how my children’s confidence has “exploded”. Since we started Edublox, they pick up every little book and magazine because they WANT TO READ. They WANT to go to the library. Fights about reading is a far-fetched memory… reading and learning has now become a pleasure in our house.
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Christelle de Villiers, Homeschool Mom May. 10, 2017

Daughter Doing Wonderfully In School

The end of the second week, I dropped her off in her classroom. Her teacher broke away for a parent she was talking to and ran after me down the hallway. She was so excited that she could barely speak. She’d never before experienced that rapid improvement. Our daughter is doing wonderfully in school. She’s confident and helping other struggling students. She’s a voracious reader (reads with expression) and loves to write as well…
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Feb. 26, 2017

Handwriting No Longer an Issue

After thirty hours, I can honestly say his handwriting is no longer an issue. It has become automatic for him to write neatly and legibly, whereas before, his writing varied depending on the day and the amount of effort he was willing to put in to be neat. This has also positively affected his ability to compose a written paragraph…
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Feb. 26, 2017

From Failing to Most Improved Student

After the second term I received emails from most of her teacher saying they couldn’t believe the change in Caylin. It was like she was a different child. Her work was up to date and she wasn’t just passing her assignments but actually doing very well. After the second term her term average had increased by 10%.
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Feb. 2, 2017

Now Reading with Ease and Confidence

Reading used to be so much work for him that he didn’t enjoy it and only read when he had to. Now he reads with ease and confidence. As a matter of fact, he enjoys reading so much that it isn’t unusual to see him reading for pleasure now. The first time I heard him say he was “going to bed a little early so he could read before going to sleep” was music to my ears!!
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Sheri Browning, USA Dec. 19, 2016

Overcoming a Spelling Problem

I feel as if part of my daughter’s mind was trapped, and Edublox set her free… She is now almost an intuitive speller. Really, it’s a miracle. Six months ago, her spelling tested at a Kindergarten level, and is now at a 6th grade level. This is just still so amazing to all of us who have struggled with her.
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The Adams household, New Mexico, USA Dec. 15, 2016

Reading and Spelling Greatly Improved

Phonics just did not work. Last year they did not improve in their reading level all year. We started Edublox in June and already in the first 9 weeks of school they have increased over 2 1/2 years…. Their spelling has greatly improved and learning new words has become a game, not the dreaded chore it once was.
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Nita Brist, Washington State, US Dec. 11, 2016

Progress After Three Months

You could tell him to look at it closely, sound it out, etc… and he would just keep on guessing. Sometimes the word wouldn’t even look like the words he was guessing. Now he only guesses about every fifth word and if I tell him he has read the word wrong, he’ll look at it again and most times be able to tell me what the word is.
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Dec. 7, 2016

Reading Up by 2 Years in Less than 6 Months

He finished the school year on a real high, his reading age went up by 2 years in less than 6 months and he is now making far fewer mistakes and is also self correcting himself when it doesn’t make sense, his spelling age improved as well and he also did really well in the end of year exams with his best results in most subjects.
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Jenny & Greg, UK Dec. 6, 2016

Sean’s Reading Really Leaped

Sean’s reading really leaped between the 7th and 8th month of Edublox…. I have been able to get out books that I have always wanted to read together with him, but used to look at them and knew they were above his reading level and had to put them away. But now I have been able to get out those books and he can read them.
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Cindy B, Michigan, US Dec. 1, 2016