Reading Was Tortuous, Now Sean Is Devouring Books

He is devouring books at a rapid rate and it is a joy to see. He is keen to discuss the books he has read to me and he obviously has understood what he has read. Six months ago reading a book was tortuous for him because even if he read it his reading was so faltering and full of mistakes that he couldn’t comprehend the text.
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Abi Stinson, UK Nov. 29, 2016

Once Struggling Reader Receives an A in English and Math

Now my son is a Freshman in High School. We just received his first semester report card and I am so excited to say that he received an “A” in both English and Math. I can’t thank you enough for developing a program that truly stands up to your promises and offers hope to those who struggle.
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Teresa M., California, USA Nov. 28, 2016

No Remedial School for Zan

I was told that my daughter would never make it in a mainstream school and that she had to be transferred to a remedial school… It’s been six months since Zan joined Edublox and already she is one of the top performers in her class. She is getting 6’s and 7’s and she is in mainstream school.
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Zan’s Mom, South Africa Nov. 21, 2016

Ability to Decipher Words Phenomenal

Kenny’s ability to spell now is stunning all of us. His ability to decipher words is phenomenal…. Kenny has learned that reading can be enjoyed and how to enjoy it… He is reading now on an above grade level average and scored above grade level on his State tests.
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Donna, USA Nov. 15, 2016

Overcoming Dyslexia

I never thought I would be writing this statement, but my dyslexic son doesn’t seem to be dyslexic anymore! The symptoms have all disappeared. After all I’ve read on the subject of learning difficulties, this was not supposed to happen!
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Laura Trudel, Canada Nov. 12, 2016

Isabella Gets Wings to Fly

Isabella blossomed, her reading, writing and maths changes were extraordinary. The best part was watching her confidence in herself grow and I attribute it fully to Edublox. I always believed in the potential my daughter had but it was trapped and buried… Our children all deserve the chance to fly – Edublox and Marj gave my daughter her wings and for that there are no words of gratitude that will ever suffice.
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Nov. 9, 2016

He Likes Reading Now!

Even his Sunday school teachers at our parish have noticed an improvement in his ability to write with little assistance. His self-confidence is up and he actually likes reading now! He used to “hate” it, and often said that he didn’t understand why he needed to learn to read….
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Oct. 31, 2016

Case Study: Lifelong Help for Learning Disabilities

Within less than a one year period at Edublox, Kyle has progressed from a borderline failure pupil to an ‘A’ achiever. His first term Grade 3 report in 2010 consisted mainly of 2’s and a few 3’s, however by the end of the year he mainly had 3’s and a few 4’s. Then came the first term in Grade 4 this year and he achieved 4’s in all his subjects. My wife and I had tears in our eyes…
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Oct. 25, 2016

Unlocking Matthew’s Mind to Understand Reading

We can’t sing the praises of Edublox enough! We were praying that God would provide a way for our precious son to learn to read and I firmly believe Edublox is the answer! Next week I go to a Special Education meeting for homeschool families in North Carolina and I am going to share with them how Edublox has helped unlock Matthew’s mind to understanding reading.
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Pam Foy, USA Oct. 14, 2016

Case Study: Improving Auditory Memory Improves Reading

Spamandla, now a Grade 3 learner, was re-assessed on the Essi Reading and Spelling Test. Assessed on a Grade 3, second term level, he scored 14/20 for the reading test, which equals a stanine of 6 (HIGH AVERAGE). Assessed on a Grade 3, second term level, he scored 15/20 for the spelling test…
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Oct. 9, 2016