Reading Fluency and Spelling Improve; Dean Becomes a Top Achiever

Dean went for various assessment tests with a remedial teacher, a speech therapist, an educational psychologist and an IELD therapist. There was a slight improvement with their programs, but is was only when Edublox was ‘discovered’ that an exciting and very marked improvement was evident…
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Jul. 27, 2003

Case Study: Beating Dyslexia

Terry Andre had had remedial lessons for three years for his reading problem. “I have taught him to cope with the work but I have not been able to teach him to read. His reading has always been a serious problem and he has been diagnosed as dyslexic,” wrote Jennie van Zyl, Terry Andre’s remedial teacher.

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Dec. 20, 2001

Faith, Love and Hope

Of all the angels, you are the ombudsman. You’ve made teachers and everybody else involved with education sit up and listen to you. There is no point in remedial teaching. You have to go back and find out just where our children have missed out.
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Oct. 23, 2001