Unique Paint Ideas for a Shared Children’s Room

Children can often feel a lack of control over their personal space, especially when they share a bedroom. It’s important to give each child a defined area that’s all their own. One interesting way to split a bedroom is with paint. Here’s how to dicide a children’s room with paint colors:

For rooms with two twin beds

Let each child pick a wall color. Paint the wall behind their headboard and along the length of their bed from floor to ceiling. You can paint the room in such a way that both colors meet in the middle, or leave some open space, such as if there’s a window between the beds. On the open area, you can paint the wall a neutral color such as white, beige, or light gray. Designate the far side of the room as community space. Paint that area the same neutral color as between the beds. If you’ve joined the two paint colors amid the twin beds, then paint the community space in a third color that both children like.

For rooms with bunk beds

Whether you have one or two sets of bunk beds, you can still use paint to help define each child’s space. Paint one space from the floor to the bottom portion of the upper bunk in one color. Using another color, you can then paint the wall next to the top bunk’s base all the way up to the ceiling. If having two completely different colors on one wall seems like too much, then opt for two shades of the same hue. Good paint choices are sky blue and navy. Sea green and grass-green will also look nice.

Your children will love such an innovative painting scheme in their room. They’ll remain happier at home in their new space and will want to show it off to all of their friends.

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