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We Are Now Live!

The Edublox Online Tutor team is elated to announce that we are now officially live with our online learning program — and you are now able to buy 3-month, 6-month and 12-month packages for our Development Tutor and Reading Tutor programs!

Over the last 30 years, Edublox has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Edublox Online Tutor is the next step is bringing our vision to life of establishing the biggest online classroom in the world. Our platform has been developed by a leading children computer interface specialist, with user experience inputs from a team of children.

Your child can now explore our subworlds, go on an adventure through Mermaid Isles and the Grotty Mountain Inn as Loosetooth the Pirate, Tookey, Slugsta or Milton, and use their Educoins to buy and collect wacky creatures!

Here is a short summary of our products:

Development Tutor

Edublox Development Tutor is designed to enhance overall cognitive development. The program is ideal to improve the concentration, processing speed, memory and reasoning ability of children who do not experience difficulties with reading, writing or mathematics. Does that sound like something that would benefit your child and would you like to find out more? Click here

Reading Tutor

Reading Tutor aims at improving the cognitive skills that are foundational to reading and spelling, including concentration, visual and auditory processing, memory and reasoning ability. The program also comprises an exercise aimed at teaching reading and spelling, and at expanding vocabulary. If your aim is to improve your child’s reading and spelling ability, or to address difficulties in these areas, Reading Tutor is the answer for your child. Click for more information and pricing.

Who will benefit from these lessons?

Development Tutor and Reading Tutor are suitable for home use. Development Tutor can also be used for group classes in schools.

Feedback from our users

“We decided to try it out and subscribed for 12 months, but only for my two eldest daughters. And then the program went live…. and it was amazing. We immediately enrolled our youngest daughter too…

“For me, as a homeschool mom, it’s amazing to see how my children’s confidence has ‘exploded’. Since we started Edublox, they pick up every little book and magazine because they WANT TO READ. They WANT to go to the library… Fights about reading is a far-fetched memory… reading and learning has now become a pleasure in our house.

“Absolutely worth every cent. Subscription for the next 12 months is already in the budget, because no child should be without EDUBLOX ONLINE TUTOR!

“Thank you EDUBLOX… I could never have dreamed that this is what we’re paying for. Worth much more than every cent spent on it! Cannot wait for Math Tutor!”  — Christelle de Villiers, Homeschool Mom

Want to check it out?

Watch the sneak peek video below: