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Childhood Methylphenidate Treatment Predicts Later Antidepressant Use

A 12-year longitudinal study, which monitored 6,830 children from early childhood into adolescence, has shown that consistent treatment with MPH-based medications during childhood increases the risk of antidepressant use during adolescence.


Research: Mother’s Depression Might Do the Same to Her Child’s IQ

Roughly one in 10 women in the United States will experience depression. The consequences, however, may extend to their children, report researchers who found that a mother's depression can negatively affect a child's cognitive development up to the age of 16.


The Role of Diet in Depression

Even though there are medications to treat the symptoms of depression, recent research shows they may only be effective for treating severe depression. This leaves people with mild to moderate depression few treatment options that really work. What about diet? Does it play a role in causing and treating depression?


6 Warning Signs Your Teenager Is Depressed

The stress of schoolwork, tons of activities, peer pressure and constantly changing hormones can take its toll on a teenager. Life can quickly become overwhelming and teens can easily become depressed. This article discusses the warning signs for parents to look for if they think their teen might be suffering from depression.


Vitamin Deficiencies that Cause Depression

If you're feeling down or depressed, it could be what you're eating - or not eating. Vitamin deficiencies affect mood by altering the synthesis of brain chemicals called neurotransmitters that allow communication between nerve cells.


Link between Teenage Depression, Music and Reading

Depressed teenagers who favor music over books are more likely to be depressed. Teens who spent the most time listening to music were more than 8 times more likely to be depressed, whereas teens who read books were a tenth less likely to be depressed.