Development Tutor is included in Reading Tutor


Multiple foundational skills of reading

Decoding and word attack

Word recognition and reading speed

Reading comprehension

Spelling and vocabulary

Quick Facts

Session Duration

Sessions are between 40 and 45 minutes long

Sessions per Week

We recommend between 4 and 7 sessions per week


Active input required for the reading exercise

Multiple Learners

Receive 15% discount for any subsequent users

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Payment Options

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly (10% discount)
  • Biannually (15% discount)
  • Annually (20% discount)

Payment Details

  • Unlimited sessions
  • Payment is for a single user, with a discount per subsequent user
  • Home and Group packages available.

Software and device requirements

  • Windows (7 or newer) and mac computers, using Google Chrome
  • Android tablet compatibility is in testing phase.

Only relevant for Development and Reading Tutor

Edublox Online Tutor is an online platform that houses a range of products to improve various aspects of learning. Our programs include Development Tutor, Reading Tutor and Live Tutor.

Development Tutor is aimed at improving general cognitive abilities, and Reading Tutor at improving cognitive abilities as well as reading and spelling. The exercises were designed to encourage regular and continuous learning, just like one would visit the gym regularly to improve overall fitness. Unlimited sessions are available per month.

Live Tutor provides tailor-made solutions in conjuction with Development Tutor or Reading Tutor, and includes additional exercises and/or live tutoring sessions. This option is suitable for students with moderate to severe learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia (math learning disabilities). A child with dyscalculia, for example, is likely to do Development Tutor to enhance their cognitive skills and receive live tutoring sessions to catch-up on delayed mathematical skills and knowledge.      

Our team has done extensive research on learning, learning principles and brain development, and created renowned learning tools used by parents, teachers and in our clinics across the globe over a period of 30+ years. Edublox Online Tutor embodies our combined knowledge and experience for the digital age.

Edublox Online Tutor addresses foundational learning skills, and does not teach processes, strategies or techniques. The difference between these can be explained by using the game of basketball as an example. In order to be a basketball player, a person first has to master the foundational skills, e.g. passing, dribbling, defense, and shooting. Only after that can he be taught strategies or techniques. Edublox Online Tutor develops and automatizes the foundational skills of reading, spelling, writing, mathematics and the skills required in the learning of subject matter.

Edublox Online Tutor has been optimized for children aged between 7 and 13, but older learners can also benefit from it. It can help gifted learners to improve their learning skills to a very high degree while it can also be used to help learners overcome learning obstacles and reach their full potential. Edublox Online Tutor effectively alleviates many symptoms associated with a variety of learning disabilities, including dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and ADD/ADHD.

The programs do require a certain degree of supervision by parents and teachers, as some exercises require interactive inputs from a real person. A good example is when a parent checks if a learner reads a word correctly from the screen.

Edublox Online Tutor will assess and track learners’ development on each exercise and will progress them to the next level once a set standard has been reached. Each learner will receive constructive and encouraging feedback as they progress to keep them motivated and parents will also receive a separate report that will keep them updated on their child’s progress and overall results.

No, Edublox Online Tutor is not exclusively intended for children with learning difficulties. It can also be used to improve the learning and reading and math abilities of children who have no problems at all.

One should consider that we do not only provide athletics training to children and adults who are uncoordinated. We also take the talented ones, and through judicious training and exercise, we are able to turn them into great athletes. The same applies on the mental plane. If we take the talented, intelligent and creative children and expose them to Edublox Online Tutor training, we will be able to turn them into great mental athletes.

Your child will discover new worlds and characters, and will be able to collect interesting and wonderful creatures while collecting Educoins along the way. The interface of Edublox Online Tutor has been developed by a leading children computer interface specialist, with user experience inputs from a team of children to ensure that the learning environment is entertaining and an overall enjoyable experience.

Yes, the platform is safe to use and does not pose an online security threat.

School results define our success. Annually, since 2010, we have been requesting Edublox clients, long-term and new, to complete an online survey to help us measure our performance. In our latest survey of 2019 the key question, “Did your child’s academic performance improve at school?” received a 94% positive rating, up from 89% in 2013.

We have also documented over 760 testimonials, case studies, reviews and research studies, covering Edublox clients of all age groups, from all over the world, at various stages of implementation, and for various needs — from improving the cognitive skills of children without learning difficulties to overcoming dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia and ADD/ADHD. A number have been posted on this site. To read more — the majority are in English — click here.

After about 15 to 20 hours on the program you may notice improvement in some non-academic areas. It may be that the learner is able to organize their work better, is more attentive in class, or is able to express themselves more easily. At first you may not be sure whether this is the result of Edublox or not.

After about 30 to 40 hours on the program you should see some significant improvements in the learner’s academics. The learner might remember more of what was said in class, spend less time to complete homework, study less but maintain the same marks for tests and exams, or attain higher (sometimes much higher) marks for tests and exams. At this point one usually starts seeing an improvement in self-esteem.

It must be noted, however, that improvement is seldom gradual. When improvement becomes noticeable, it is usually sudden. After this initial — and usually clearly visible — intellectual jump, it frequently happens that the learner finds himself on a plateau again, followed by another leap forward. This pattern can repeat itself many times.

The above scenario could be described as a “staircase effect”. However, one may occasionally also see a “snowball effect”, meaning that the initial progress is slow but as the learner continues, his progress accelerates.

It is wise to continue with the selected program until the learner is at least one year ahead of his grade level in his area of difficulty. The minimum time that is required to achieve this is about one year, but it can take up to two years if the learner has severe learning problems.

If one discontinues the program before the foundational skills of reading, spelling, writing and math have been thoroughly automatized, there is the danger of a relapse. On the other hand, once the foundational skills have been automatized and the learner is clearly no longer behind in his reading, spelling, writing, and math, the problem will not return if the program is discontinued.

Windows (7 or newer) and Mac Computers, using Google Chrome. Tablet compatibility is planned as part of future updates.

Support services are provided via e-mail with a 48-hour maximum response time. For more complex issues, our team is happy to engage directly via Zoom.