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Free Reading Comprehension Worksheet: Six Islands of the World

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An island is a piece of land surrounded by water. Continents are also surrounded by water, but because they are so big, they are not considered islands. Islands may occur in oceans, seas, lakes, or rivers. A group of islands is called an archipelago. An islet is a very small island. Most definitions are not precise, but some suggest that an islet has little or no vegetation, and cannot support human habitation. A cay is a small, low-elevation, sandy island on the surface of a coral reef.

New Zealand

Some islands are countries. New Zealand is an island country in the southwestern Pacific Ocean. It consists of two main landmasses: the North Island and the South Island. The capital city of New Zealand is Wellington, widely known for its award-winning restaurants and especially its great coffee. New Zealand’s sport teams are famous for performing the haka, a ceremonial dance of challenge, before international matches.

United Kingdom

Another well-known country situated on an island is the United Kingdom, with London as its capital. London attractions include the London Eye and the Big Ben clock tower. The weather in the United Kingdom is not as sunny as one would expect – it has a temperate oceanic climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round. Although it is separated by the ocean, this country is part of Europe.


Between the Arctic and Atlantic oceans, and east of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago, we find the world’s biggest island: Greenland. Although it’s the world’s biggest island, Greenland has a population of roughly only 56,000, of which 17,000 are living in Nuuk, Greenland’s capital.

Caribbean Islands

The Caribbean Islands is a famous archipelago, comprising of around 700 islands, islets, reefs and cays, and bordered by the Gulf of Mexico. Also known as the West Indies, this group is made up of countries like Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. Although one of the world’s largest archipelagos, only around two percent of the islands in the Caribbean are inhabited by people..

Hawaiian Islands

Aloha! The Hawaiian Islands are an archipelago of eight major islands. Hawaii is a state of the United States of America located in the Pacific Ocean, and very famous for its culture and people. Did you know that Hawaii was the first state to ban plastic bags? Even billboards are prohibited in Hawaii. Hawaiian say “Aloha” when greeting someone and also when saying goodbye. The greeting also means love, peace, compassion, and is a mutual understanding of respect.


Madagascar is the world’s fourth largest island and second-largest island country in the Indian Ocean. It is home to 70 species of lemurs found nowhere else on Earth, as well as over 10,000 different plant species. More than 50 percent of the world’s chameleon population is situated here. Although one of the most beautiful places on our planet, more than three quarters of Madagascar’s people live in extreme poverty due to decades of mismanagement and poor governance.


New Zealand’s All Blacks performing the haka

Top 10 reasons to visit Madagascar 

Top 10 reasons to visit Madagascar 


  1. What is the difference between an island and a continent?
  2. What is an islet?
  3. Find a word in par. 1 that means “a group of islands”.
  4. In which ocean is New Zealand situated?
  5. What is the capital of New Zealand?
  6. Name two things New Zealand’s capital is well-known for.
  7. What are New Zealand’s sport teams famous for?
  8. Find a synonym for ritual in par. 2.
  9. Which continent is the United Kingdom part of?
  10. What is the capital of the United Kingdom?
  11. Name two famous attractions in London.
  12. What is the weather like in the United Kingdom?
  13. Find a synonym for located in par. 3.
  14. Find an antonym for scarce in par. 3.
  15. What island is the world’s biggest?
  16. What is the population of Greenland?
  17. What is the population of Greenland’s capital Nuuk?
  18. Between which two oceans is Greenland found?
  19. What neighboring archipelago is west of Greenland?
  20. Find a synonym for approximately in par. 4.
  21. How many islands, islets, reefs and cays are the Caribbean Islands made up of?
  22. Which gulf borders the Caribbean Islands?
  23. Name three of the countries that are part of the Caribbean Islands.
  24. What percentage of the Caribbean Islands are inhabited by people?
  25. Why do you think only two percent are inhabited by people?
  26. Find a synonym for biggest in par. 5.
  27. In which ocean is Hawaii found?
  28. Name two things that are illegal in Hawaii.
  29. Name four things that the greeting “Aloha” represents.
  30. Hawaii is a state of which country?
  31. Find an antonym for indifference in par. 6.
  32. How many lemur species are in Madagascar?
  33. How many plant species are in Madagascar?


  1. A continent is larger than an island.
  2. A very small island.
  3. Archipelago
  4. Southwestern Pacific Ocean
  5. Wellington
  6. Award-winning restaurants; great coffee.
  7. For performing the haka, a ceremonial dance of challenge.
  8. Ceremonial
  9. Europe
  10. London
  11. London Eye; Big Ben clock tower
  12. A temperate oceanic climate, with plentiful rainfall all year round.
  13. Situated
  14. Plentiful
  15. Greenland
  16. 56,000
  17. 17,000
  18. The Arctic and Atlantic oceans
  19. Canadian Arctic Archipelago
  20. Roughly
  21. 700
  22. Gulf of Mexico
  23. Cuba, Jamaica, Haiti, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico.
  24. Two percent.
  25. Many of the small islands cannot support human habitation.
  26. Largest
  27. Pacific Ocean
  28. Plastic bags; billboards.
  29. Love, peace, compassion, mutual understanding of respect.
  30. United States of America
  31. Compassion
  32. 70
  33. Over 10,000.


Comprehension worksheet – passage only
Comprehension worksheet – questions and answers only
Comprehension worksheet with questions and answers per paragraph

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