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Edublox Online Tutor Reviews and Successes

Edublox is an educational method that integrates cognitive training, reading or math tutoring, and solid learning principles. Edublox assists students to become life-long learners and empowers them to realize their highest educational goals. While Edublox is not a quick fix, its use can permanently alleviate the symptoms of learning disabilities like dyslexia and dyscalculia. Below are links to 200+ Edublox reviews and successes:

Video: Edublox Math Program Opens New Worlds
As a result of dyspraxia, Veronica struggled with reading and mathematics. In this video, her father shares how Edublox’s math program has helped to open new worlds for her.

Dyscalculia Success Story: From “Extremely Low” to “Average” in Math
Maddie was diagnosed with severe dyslexia and dyscalculia. Edublox’s cognitive training program and live tutoring helped her improve from the 1st/3rd percentile to the 41st percentile in math. Her school awarded her with the Most Improved Certificate for math!

Customer Review Playlist: Overcoming Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Learning Difficulties
Does your child have the ability to excel academically yet struggle to reach their full potential? Do they battle to concentrate, plan and organize, or is their memory poor?

Story of a Boy Who Overcame Dyslexia and Earned a Master’s Degree
Abraham, a student with dyslexia, failed his fourth grade and did not improve for two years. His mother read about the Edublox system and gave it a try. His improvement was remarkable, going on to eventually earn a master’s degree at university.

Student’s Math Score Improves from 3/7 to 6/7; He Thrives Holistically
Emelia Govender shares her son’s progress in math after enrolling him in the Edublox math program. Tayden’s math mark improved from 3/7 to 6/7 and he is thriving holistically.

ADHD Success Story: Schoolwork No Longer Means Anxiety, Sadness, or Tears
Tanya Weber shares her daughter’s progress in reading after enrolling her in the Edublox program. Kori has always been hyperactive and has never liked to sit still for a long time…

Math Program Delivers “Immediate Results.” He No Longer Hates Math
Kim shares her son’s progress in math after enrolling him in Edublox’s Live Tutor program: When we adopted our son from China, he was nearing 10 years of age… 

Customer Satisfaction Survey: Live Tutor Service
In October 2022, Edublox Online Tutor conducted an online benchmark survey to help us measure our performance as a business and the quality and results of our Live Tutor service. 

Student with Severe Dyslexia Improves by 54 Percentiles
In 2015, Maddie was diagnosed with dyslexia. This diagnosis was changed to severe dyslexia in 2016, and diagnoses of moderate dyscalculia and ADHD were added. On top of that, Maddie’s Full Scale IQ score was 81, which is in the Low Average range. Three years of treatment yielded little results. Finally, in February 2018, Maddie embarked on the Edublox program. Her IQ score increased to 103, and she improved by 54 percentiles in reading.

Case Study: Beating Dyslexia and Dyscalculia
Meet Vivienne, an 11-year-old American girl adopted from China at age 5. Her parents have tried many avenues to help her catch up on her developmental delays. While she made progress in certain areas, her academics continued to lag. 

Case Study: Overcoming Memory Problems, Reading and Math Disabilities
Meet Naeleigh, a 9-year-old American girl adopted from China at the age of two. Her parents soon realized that Naeleigh battled with memorization and continued to struggle with reading and math despite hard work.

Video: From Hating School to Loving It!
After immigrating to a new country, Catherine struggled with her academics – reading, spelling, writing, and math. As a result, she started hating going to school. Catherine began with Edublox’s home-based program Reading Tutor in August of 2021. Already by the end of her school year (December 2021), she was awarded the school’s trophy for overall excellence.

Videos: Edublox FAQ Answered by Our Clients
Edublox improves lives. In Part 1 we asked two parents what the results of the improvements are. In Part 2 we asked two more parents what the results of the improvements are. We asked three parents how they would explain the Edublox reading and dyslexia program to another parent…

Video: Apraxia Success Story
Dennis shares how Edublox is teaching his daughter to read after other programs have failed. She was diagnosed with apraxia. Apraxia is a neurological condition that makes specific motor movements difficult. It may affect speech and coordination and co-occur with learning disorders…

Podcast: Elih’s Road to Recovery
Get the tissues ready before listening to this podcast of Just Plain Drive, Wingz of Change with Darren Scott, Elih’s mom, and Elih. Elih fell into a pool at the age of 20 months. Listen to the story of his road to recovery, in which Edublox plays a significant part.

Edublox Voices Tell Their Stories
Every story is unique, and each child a triumph. Listen and be inspired by the stories of Edublox clients. Wonderfully told in their words, not ours. Edublox offers groundbreaking reading, math and learning interventions.

Video: It’s Life-Changing! Edublox Helps Overcome Learning Challenges
Watch Naeleigh’s heart-warming story of overcoming learning challenges. While Edublox’s Development Tutor is improving her cognitive skills like concentration, processing, memory, and reasoning, Live Tutor and…

100+ Edublox Reviews
We are so delighted with the progress and growth Levi experienced during his 2 years with Edublox and are happy to report that he is now a bookworm! Edublox has literally changed our lives and I tell everyone I can who is struggling, to try it.

A Profound Dyslexia and Dyscalculia Success Story
Amy is a 10-year-old who has been diagnosed with severe dyslexia and dyscalculia. She got so behind in school that her parents started homeschooling her. She also started with Edublox’s live online tutoring. Amy overcame many obstacles: she learned to copy from the board, do math independently at 100% accuracy, and her reading improved by three years.

Dyslexic Student Learns More in 13 Weeks than Her Entire Life
Vivienne is an 11-year-old American girl adopted from China at age five. Her mother, Susan, tried many avenues to help Vivienne catch up on her developmental delays. While progress was made in certain areas, Vivienne’s academics continued to lag. They embarked on the Edublox program, and in 13 weeks, Vivienne learned more than she had in her entire life.

Video: Surface Dyslexia — Edublox Testimonial, Uncut
Edublox has been involved in teaching children to read, learn and achieve for more than 30 years. Hilary’s son started Edublox tutoring in May 2020. Her son completed his journey in August 2011. Listen to Hilary’s testimonial.

Overcoming Severe Dyslexia, Dyscalculia and Low IQ: A Case Study
Maddie’s parents were told by more than one professional that Maddie would probably never read, and that they should try to find things that Maddie could be successful with outside of academics, because she would never be successful in academics. Her mom, Kimberly, refused to accept this and worked tirelessly trying to help Maddie — with little success…

Overcoming a Spelling Problem
A mother in New Mexico shares her daughter’s story of overcoming a spelling problem after doing Edublox for six months: I feel as if part of my daughter’s mind was trapped, and Edublox set her free.

Story of a Girl Who Overcame Dyslexia and Pursued a Master’s Degree
After her daughter’s dyslexia diagnosis in 4th grade, Elize recalled hearing about Edublox on the radio and went for training to help her. Marie-Louise passed 12th grade with four distinctions, passed her BA degree in Social Work with good marks, and is pursuing her MA degree in Social Work.

Returning the Light in Amy’s Eyes: An Edublox Experience – Uncut
This video is about Sandy and her daughter Amy, who was diagnosed with dyslexia and dyscalculia. Sandy shares how Edublox has helped to fill the holes Amy was missing: working memory, reading, number sense, understanding price tags, and more.

Building on Reading
When two Cape Town mothers, Kashiefa Gallie and Rebecca Felix, learned that their children had reading difficulties, they went into panic mode. Although they came from different parts of the city, Lansdowne and Crawford respectively, they knew that reading was a critical skill for children to master at the foundation phase.

Radio Interview: Overcoming Reading and Learning Difficulties
After years of therapy, Shirley’s son was still struggling with reading and learning. But then she heard about Edublox, and her son’s life changed. Listen to her story as told on live radio.

An Edublox Experience – Uncut: Susan and Vivienne’s Story
Vivienne was adopted from China at age 5. This video is about Susan helping her 11-year-old daughter overcome developmental delays, including dyslexia. They started with the Edublox program 13 weeks ago. 

Student with Dyseidetic Dyslexia Improves by 26 Percentiles
A developmental optometrist contacted Edublox and requested help for his 9-year-old patient who struggled with dyseidetic dyslexia – also called orthographic dyslexia and surface dyslexia. Rief, the patient, improved from the 34th to the 60th percentile in reading. His grades are outstanding.

Edublox Program Was Key to Learning Success
Adam from the US did Edublox while stationed in Kuwait. His mother, Sherri Brow­ning, reported on his progress: Adam had so many learning difficulties when we first began with Edublox that all I could do was hope, with all my heart, that this would finally be the program that would help him.

Learning Success for Student with Apraxia of Speech, Sequential Processing Disorder, ADHD
A mother in Utah shares her son’s progress after doing Edublox for five months. He was diagnosed with apraxia of speech, poor working memory, sequential processing disorder, and severe ADHD.

Video: Overcoming Reading Difficulties — Four Children Tell Their Stories
Four children, Kelsey, Tshepo, Liam and Joshua share how struggling to read affected them, as well as how it feels now that they can read.

Dysgraphia Success Story: Handwriting No Longer an Issue
Jennifer Gilliland shares her son’s success in handwriting after doing Edublox for thirty hours: I have been following the Dysgraphia Program from Edublox and we are thirty (30) hours into the program. 

Dyslexic Becomes an Honors and Advanced Placement Student
A mother in Fullerton, United States, shares her dyslexic daughter’s progress after two weeks on the Edublox program. Her daughter started to love reading, and her handwriting improved overnight. Four years later, her daughter is in her first year of high school and honors English and geometry, and AP (Advanced Placement) History.

Once Struggling Reader Receives an A in English and Math
Teresa M. in California wrote: Now my son is a Freshman in High School. We just received his first semester report card and I am so excited to say that he received an “A” in both English and Math.

Case Study: Edublox Increases Performance IQ by 25 Points
A wonderful Edublox success story regarding IQ increase is that of Riley, a young girl who started at Edublox two years ago. She was diagnosed as mildly dyslexic, performed poorly in all school subjects, and was on the verge of failing 4th grade. 

Overcoming a Reading Disability
Aby Stinson shares her son’s story of overcoming a reading disability: Sean is actually reading for pleasure and says that he is suddenly able to read more easily and quicker. His handwriting, which was so tiny, has become larger and easier to read and he is writing more.

Boy with Dyslexia Improves from the 40’s to 75 in Reading
Jeremie, a boy in Canada, had been struggling to learn to read and write since kindergarten. This took a big toll on his self-esteem. Then, in Grade 2, Jeremie was diagnosed with dyslexia. After testing various dyslexia methods that failed to help, Jeremie’s mom, Laura Trudel, heard about Edublox. After only three weeks, Jeremie began to show progress.

Girl with Dyslexia Noticeably a More Confident Reader
Anne, a girl in Hertz, UK, was showing dyslexia symptoms. She scored one year behind the average for reading on a national standard assessment test. After Edublox, Anne scored a reading age of 10.02 years againsta chronological age of 9.6.

Reading Improved Tremendously; Math Marks Went Up By 30%
Berna Spies shares her son’s success after he joined Edublox. Le Roux was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia: When we started the program, Le Roux was barely reading at Grade 3 level. At the beginning of 2018, he was reading at Grade 5 level.

Days of Fighting to Do Homework Are Over
Kenny has learned that reading can be enjoyed and how to enjoy it. His ability to spell now is stunning everybody; his ability to decipher words is phenomenal. His mom shares his story.

Twice Exceptional — Gifted with a Learning Disability: A Parent’s Story
My son is now 7.4 years in 2nd grade. He was a late talker, with a very limited vocabulary. We did a lot of different things to get him to communicate more, the usual — read lots of stories to flash cards, The Listening Program, stories on tape, piano lessons…

Edublox Testimonial: From 11% for Math in Term 1 to 68% in Term 3
His marks have also improved substancially. He is now proud to show us his school work and homework. He now reads every evening and spells words a lot easier than before. Edublox has helped him build and rebuild his educational foundation. 

Daughter Doing Wonderfully In School
Inonge Khabele-Stevens in Austin, TX shares her daughter’s success: The first time we noticed our daughter was having learning problems was in pre-kindergarten. Her teacher strongly recommended that she repeat pre-k but my husband and I insisted on her not being held back…

From Failing to Most Improved Student
Before I enrolled my daughter Caylin at Edublox she was struggling to pass every year. I dreaded parent-teacher evenings and we were always the ones called in to see the teacher or HoD. We had tried everything from extra classes to neurologists to occupational therapists.

Their Reading Increased Over 2 1/2 Years In 9 Weeks
Nita Brist in Washington State shares her sons’ successes: I just would like people to know how wonderful it is to have something at last that works for the child! Kennon and Kameron are 10 year old twins, who have had trouble with reading since 1st grade…

Isabella Gets Wings to Fly
I always believed in the potential my daughter had but it was trapped and buried, and without the skills and teaching that she received at Edublox she would never had had the opportunity to start achieving towards her full potential.

Once Poor Speller Becomes a Top Student
Efstratia Agiakatsika in Greece shares her son’s success: My son John, at the end of his primary school, had a learning problem and found it very difficult to study. He could not spell or write long essays. The headmaster of the school called me in and told me…

An Answer to Prayer
Shannon Bruck shares her son’s success: I truly do feel this program is an answer to prayer. We are using it with our 7 year old son, Benjamin. Benjamin is a very smart, energetic, compassionate little boy. However, when it came to school work, especially reading and writing…

Reading and Math Difficulties Persist After Convergence Insufficiency Solved
After his convergence insufficiency problems were solved, Sean continued to struggle with reading and math. Homeschool mom Cindy in Michigan shares her son’s progress after starting him on the Edublox program.

Dyslexia Success Story: “Miracle” After 14 Phonics Programs
Pam Foy in North Carolina shares her son’s success: We are blessed by God that this was sent our way. We were faced with finding another phonics program, and I just couldn’t do that anymore. After having used 14 different phonics programs and tutoring two times…

Dyslexia: Student Improves His Language Arts Score by 21%
Preneil was diagnosed with dyslexia at the age of thirteen. The diagnosis caused his self-esteem to suffer and filled his mom with anger, annoyance, sadness, and despair. After Preneil failed English, his mom discovered Edublox. His Language Arts score improved by 21%, he achieved an A in math and was allowed to enter university.

Lifelong Help for Learning Disabilities: A Case Study
Kyle’s journey with Edublox started on June 6, 2010. He read slowly and hesitantly, reversed b’s and d’s, had spelling difficulties, and even failed to copy correctly. He had been at another remedial reading facility for almost two years previously, but this clearly wasn’t yielding any results.

Twins with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Overcome Learning Difficulties
Their poor school performance was characterized by a level 1 (not achieved) out of 4 on report cards. However these worrying results changed drastically just six months after enrolling the twins at an Edublox reading and learning clinic.

Reading Up by 2 Years in Less than 6 Months
He finished the school year on a real high, his reading age went up by 2 years in less than 6 months and he is now making far fewer mistakes and is also self correcting himself when it doesn’t make sense. His spelling age improved as well…

Self-esteem and Reading Fluency Improved Tremendously
Karla, a homeschooling mom in Canada, shares her son’s reading struggles. After being diagnosed as learning disabled, he attended a literacy school. He made some progress but continued to guess every second or third word. She relates how Edublox was the game-changer.

Best Help for Auditory Processing Problems and Other LDs
My 13-yr old son has LDs, auditory processing problems and sensory integration disorder, as well as mild-to-moderate cerebral palsy. We’ve tried various things, but have had the best results by far from Edublox.

Case Study: Overcoming Severe Learning Disabilities
A decade ago, Jannes and his parents were standing at crossroads. Due to severe learning disabilities, Jannes was referred to a special school… Jannes completed Grade 12 with university exemption and embarked on a B.Sc. degree in Mathematical Sciences.

Help for ADHD-like Behaviors 
I can tell that he is more organized in his thoughts, spells better, is more willing to learn, can easily tell left from right, can stop to focus and think things through, handwriting has improved, etc. This has flowed into other behavior as well, such as a desire to have his surroundings organized… 

Reading at Grade Level After Five Months
When she tried to teach her son to read, Janey Nieboer discovered that Alex would frequently reverse his letters and numbers. Alex made significant gains after five months of Edublox Tutoring, and is now reading at grade level.

Overcoming a Language Disorder
Liezl in Greece tells about her daughter’s language disorder and how she overcame this problem: I live in Greece and they are so behind on learning difficulties. My daughter who is now in grade 5 has a language disorder, which is inherited.

A Learning Disabilities Success Story
Andrew Deysel-Morgan and his spouse became unexpected parents when his nieces aged 4 and 5 were placed in their care from an alcoholic home. This is their story: We immediately placed them into a nursery school — they had never previously been to nursery school…

ADD and Dyslexia Case Studies Presented at the Kennesaw State University
The following report was prepared by two elementary school teachers with many years of experience. These teachers presented this report to their colleagues at Kennesaw State University, where each was a candidate for the Ed.D. degree. The teachers are Peggy Anderson and Carole Derrick.

ADHD and Learning Disabilities: A Success Story
After 3 ½ months Pamela in Kansas had her son retested at the same center that did his testing before he started Edublox. Read her story and view the results.

Adult’s Reading, Spelling and Writing Skills Improve
Mark Beech’s mother gives an overview of her son’s problems and of his progress: Mark’s problems became noticeable when at age 2 years he showed very little speech development. That seemed the only developmental delay; there were no physical problems…

Video: Special Needs Children: A Success Story
The story of Sonja, who soon after birth contracted meningitis and encephalitis, causing severe brain damage. Doctors said she would never read or write. That was until her parents heard about Audiblox, and Sonja learned to read in 60 days.