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Overcoming a Language Disorder

Liezl in Greece tells about her daughter’s language disorder and how she overcame this problem.

I live in Greece and they are so behind on learning difficulties. My daughter who is now in grade 5 has a language disorder, which is inherited.

I have since she’s been 2 years old had a feeling that there was something wrong, and I was told it is because she is learning two languages. I was patient. At the end of kindergarten I asked if they could keep her back as she was the youngest in the class and was really not at the level of the other children. I was told if there is no serious problem they were not allowed to keep the child back. Well, she struggled through grade 1. I had a private teacher come every day, I taught her the alphabet all over again and taught her to read, but still she struggled.

I eventually stopped the teaching as it was not helping! I begged the school to help; they just told me she needed private help, that there was nothing wrong and that the child was just a rebel! This carried on until the end of grade 4 when my daughter started having anxiety attacks, cried herself to sleep and cried before the bus came to pick her up in the morning.

I then took matters into my own hands and started investigating about dyslexia! And I came across Edublox! My mother bought the program from one of the clinics. We then had my daughter tested, despite the school telling me I’m mad. And there it was, my daughter was born this way and it has nothing to do with learning two languages. She uses the left side of her brain and not the right.

I was devastated by the news as the man who tested her said that she could never overcome this. He advised that she needed a speech and occupational therapist!

I started the Edublox program, but the school laughed at me and said it would not help! Well, we started it and now (in grade 5) the school is stunned. She is doing so much better and is even learning a 3rd language now (French) and getting even better marks than children who have private lessons.