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Dyslexia Success Story: “Miracle” After 14 Phonics Programs

Dyslexia success story
Pam Foy in North Carolina shares her son’s success:

Hi Barbara!

Thank you so much for your concern regarding Edublox.

We are doing super and are in our 6th week of Edublox. We are blessed by God that this was sent our way. We were faced with finding another phonics program, and I just couldn’t do that anymore. After having used 14 different phonics programs and tutoring two times, I told my husband we had to find another way! Edublox has been a miracle.

Matthew is almost 10 years old and has wanted to read since he was 4. He was labeled severe dyslexic and auditory processing problems in Spring of ’05. It wasn’t until I began working with him everyday doing Edublox that I realized how severe his dyslexia was. Now we are amazed at his progress in just 6 weeks time. We are spending 1 hour per day 5 days a week doing Edublox. We homeschool, so we spend the rest of the day doing his schoolwork and playtime. Matthew is able to read 90 of the yellow word cards without any errors or hesitation. This week he has attempted to and has accomplished reading two Bible passages: Genesis 1:1-5 and Psalm 23:1-4 (there were a few minor errors, but mostly every word he either knew or sounded out). This would have been virtually impossible prior to Edublox. Pre-Edublox, he couldn’t remember the word “the” and “a” even though he had seen them hundreds of times. Many times he would look at the word in frustration and say, “I just don’t know.” He was not being obstinate, he truly didn’t get it.

He does extremely well with the logic, spatial and arrows exercises — he picked up on these immediately. The sequencing exercise is up to 20 blocks during the allotted time and can do up to 10 blocks of the pattern exercises. At first, I didn’t see why he needed to do the counting exercise as he has done well with math. But at that first session he couldn’t count backwards from 10 without leaving numbers out. Now he is fluent and can count from 1-30 and backwards without any hesitation! Amazingly now I can give him simple addition problems and he can give me the sum immediately.

One big plus to using this program is that it has helped his memory and his auditory processing problems. Prior to Edublox we could not give him several commands and expect him to carry them out (e.g. take out trash, make bed, walk dog, etc). That would have been way too much verbiage for him to comprehend and take action upon. Within 3 weeks of doing Edublox, I can now give him detailed instructions or several commands and he follows them perfectly, without returning to me and saying, “Huh, I didn’t understand what you said!”

We can’t sing the praises of Edublox enough! We were praying that God would provide a way for our precious son to learn to read and I firmly believe Edublox is the answer! Thanks for listening to our progress report. Next week I go to a Special Education meeting for homeschool families in North Carolina and I am going to share with them how Edublox has helped unlock Matthew’s mind to understanding reading.


Pam Foy, USA