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Edublox Helps Student Finish 1st Grade “Strong”

Pamela Kgare shares how Edublox helped her daughter grow in confidence and improved her concentration and reading.

Reasons for enrolling

Mohlatlego was beyond excited to start grade 1. The first term was exciting, overwhelming, and a huge adjustment for us as a family, but we soldiered on, often in tears. I realized early on that she struggled to concentrate on tasks and activities but thought she would adjust in the coming terms.

The dreaded conversation with Mohlatlego’s grade 1 teacher came at the beginning of April when she alerted me to the gaps and struggles Mohlatlego faced in the classroom and that she would need extra support.

I left the meeting feeling emotional and overwhelmed and that I was not doing enough as a parent. The teacher mentioned a program called Edublox and recommended I contact them to see how they can help bridge the gaps she saw in the classroom. She mentioned that Edublox was their protocol for grade 1 and would be worth the investment.

Intensive help a game changer

I called Monique (=Edublox tutor) right away and set up our first appointment. After the initial assessment, Monique confirmed what the teacher said but quickly assured me we would see results with a bi-weekly attendance at Edublox and the ten-day intensive one-on-one course.

We started Edublox attendance in May, and Mohlatlego took it all in her stride. She quickly began to grow in confidence both in the classroom and outside.

During the June holidays, we did the ten-day intensive one-on-one course, which was her game changer. It solidified all she had been learning, and the assessment results recorded big improvements.

Reading and concentration improve

During this time, she also received a school Merit award for all her hard work, further growing her confidence. She started to read more without anyone’s prompting; her concentration also improved greatly.

When she returned to school for term 3, the teacher had great feedback for me on the changes she saw in the classroom.

Mohlatlego is finishing grade 1 strong because of the incredible support from her school teacher and the fantastic program offered at Edublox.

I know I’m not alone in saying I cannot be all things to my child, but I now know that help and support are within my reach.

I urge all parents who have a child struggling or simply needing that extra support to find the help they need, and your child will be better for it in the years to come. As the Edublox saying goes, “Successful kids, proud families,” and our family is very proud of Mohlatlego.

Pamela Kgare

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