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Dyslexic Student Learns More in 13 Weeks than Her Entire Life

Dyslexic Student Learns More in 13 Weeks than Her Entire Life
Vivienne is an 11-year-old American girl adopted from China at age five. Her mother, Susan, tried many avenues to help Vivienne catch up on her developmental delays. While progress was made in certain areas, Vivienne’s academics continued to lag. They embarked on the Edublox program, and in 13 weeks, Vivienne learned more than she had in her entire life.

Reading programs fail to help

Through the years, homeschooling mom Susan tried many things to help her daughter. She switched reading programs, sat with Vivienne one-on-one, and guided her through the lessons and flashcards. She enrolled her in online reading programs in an attempt to find something Vivienne could do independently for a short time during school while Susan helped Vivienne’s sibling with other subjects.

“We tried several good programs, some specifically for dyslexia,” Susan told Edublox. “She would begin a program well, but as it progressed and became more difficult, I would often have to sit with her for the entirety to encourage or guide her, or it would end in tears.

“One program was helpful until the spelling portion became stressful and overwhelming for Vivienne. The program would instruct her to spell a word, which she would spell incorrectly. It would encourage her and guide her to the correct spelling. But then, before she could progress, it would retest her on the same word, usually just minutes later. Unfortunately, Vivienne would forget how to spell the word and this process would repeat again and again.”

Improvement in reading

After embarking on the Edublox program, Vivienne started showing measurable results. In fact, she has learned more in her first 13 weeks with Edublox than she had in her entire life. Watch the video below.

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