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Lifelong Help for Learning Disabilities: A Case Study

Kyle’s journey with Edublox started on June 6, 2010. Many years later he is still a top achiever.

Kyle, a Grade 3 learner, was struggling. He read slowly and hesitantly, reversed b’s and d’s, had spelling difficulties, and even failed to copy correctly. He had been at another remedial reading facility for almost two years previously, but this clearly wasn’t yielding any results. He scored 2 (Partially Achieved) for Prepared Reading and 1 (Not Achieved) for Unprepared Reading on his Grade 3, first term report:



Kyle was assessed on the Essi Reading and Spelling Test, on a Grade 3, second-term level. Norms for the tests, available for each term, have been calculated using stanines and percentile ranks.

Of children doing the test,

4% score a stanine of 1 (VERY POOR)
19% score a stanine of 2 or 3 (POOR)
54% score a stanine of 4, 5, or 6 (AVERAGE)
19% score a stanine of 7 or 8 (GOOD)
4% score a stanine of 9 (VERY GOOD)

Kyle could read only 3 of the 20 words in the reading test, which equals a stanine of 2 (POOR). He tried to sound out the letters of the other 17 words but was either unable to say the correct word or simply said, “I don’t know” (his answer to 12 of the 20 words).

He scored 4 out of 20 for the spelling test, which equals a stanine of 3 (POOR). He would spell most of the words as they sound. Below is his attempt to spell knife, full, pocket, true, wrong, and dirty:


Our assessment determined that Kyle struggled with reading and spelling due to weak cognitive skills, especially directionality (causing reversals of b’s and d’s), poor form perception, poor auditory processing, and a limited eye span.

He scored
64% on the Form Perception Assessment
92% on the Visual Memory Assessment
70% on the Auditory Memory Assessment
42% on the Eye Span Assessment
33% on the Logical Thinking Assessment

 90%-100% — Very good/Development will further increase the skill level.
 80%-89% — Good/Development will further increase the skill level.
 70%-79% — Average/Development is necessary.
 0%-69% — Below average/Development is essential.

Due to distance (the family stayed an hour’s drive from the closest Edublox clinic) Kyle couldn’t attend the recommended two Edublox classes per week. He, therefore, attended only one Edublox class per week and used a home program.


A year later, by June 2011, it was clear that Kyle had overcome his reading and learning difficulties, and Edublox was discontinued. Kyle’s father wrote: “Within less than a one year period at Edublox, Kyle has progressed from a borderline failure pupil to an ‘A’ achiever. His first term Grade 3 report in 2010 consisted mainly of 2’s and a few 3’s, however by the end of the year he mainly had 3’s and a few 4’s. Then came the first term in Grade 4 this year and he achieved 4’s in all his subjects. My wife and I had tears in our eyes. His interim results for the second term have also indicated the same trend as for the first.

“Not only did Kyle’s academic results and achievements improve remarkably, but so did his self esteem and confidence in his extra mural activities. His athletics improved to the extent that he represented his school for the first time this year, and his rugby and cricket are growing from strength to strength. He is part of the school team in both sports. Kyle’s temperament has also changed considerably and he is much more relaxed and concentrative than before.

“The trips to Pretoria from Witbank on Saturday mornings this past year have been more than worthwhile, and we can honestly say that Kyle enjoyed and looked forward to each Saturday class. We have and will continue to recommend Edublox to parents who have experienced similar circumstances with their children, and once again wish to say a big thank you.”

Kyle continued to do well in school. Below is his 2011 year-end report:


He even received a scroll for academics:


Update, November 2013

From: Christie, Mike [mailto:mike.christie@angloa…]
Sent: 13 November 2013 08:35 AM
To: Edublox PTA East
Subject: RE: Kyle

Hi Susan,

How you keeping? Just a quick update on Kyle for you:

Vice Head Boy (2014)
Vice Leader Landsdiens (2014)
U/13 Mpumalanga Hockey Team (2014)
Captain U/12 School Cricket team (2012/2013) – Runners up Mpumalanga schools championships
U12 School Hockey team (2013) – Mpumalanga schools Champions
Academics this year so far averaging 75 – 80% (Received merits for Maths and Social Science)


Mike Christie +27 82 924…

Update, November 2014


Kyle ended 12th grade as deputy head boy, and received many sports accolades and three distinctions!

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