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Adult Overcomes Learning Disabilities

Giordanna in Milwaukee, WI, contacted Edublox to help her son, who dropped out of college because of learning disabilities. While Elliot’s word recognition and spelling ability were on par, he struggled with reading comprehension and memory. Read her heart-warming story of how Edublox’s Development Tutor changed his life. Elliot did five lessons per week (a lesson = three exercises) for one year.

Dear Susan,

When I approached you the first time, Elliot had already dropped off at college since his grades were not even close to allowing him to go to medical school, which was what he wanted. 

When he came home, he struggled through his EMT certification, since he wanted to work in the medical field.

As he started working with Edublox, his father convinced him to join the Navy and be a corpsman. Six months into Edublox, he took the ability/cognitive test and scored in the 85th percentile! He never scored that high on any academic test. He was on the 75th percentile in reading and comprehension! Usually, his reading and comprehension percentile was 55th to 65th. Nice jump! Even my husband was impressed! My husband is a physician who tends not to believe anything that is not proven in a lab!

The Navy ended up not taking him because, in his elementary school, he was labeled “educationally autistic.” 

Meanwhile, Elliot started working as EMT/security guard in a factory. One day the manager asked him to teach his colleagues the five steps to take when someone has a heart attack. As Elliot told me when he had to study them (almost one year prior), he struggled through. This time, though, he had to read them only once to memorize them. He memorized even the wording making it easy to repeat the protocol to his colleagues.

Once, as we were having lunch, he told me about a site where he likes to go and read academic articles on the most disparate subjects. I told him I was surprised to hear that because I thought that he got his information only through videos. To that he answers, “That was before because I used to get lost in my reading. Now I do not get lost anymore.” That was music to my ears since he could clearly see a “before” and an “after.”

Encouraged by his successes, he signed up for a paramedicine program at a technical college, where he has been getting grades of B+/ A. It is true that, as my husband reminds me, he is attending only a technical college. However, he never got grades this high, not even in elementary school. A few days ago, he told me that studying has become so much easier for him that sometimes he feels he is cheating because he does not have to struggle as much, and he is getting better grades than ever. 

Needless to say, his academic successes had an incredible impact on his self-esteem. He is much happier and much less anxious about his future.

He is also making bolder career plans. After the associate degree in paramedicine, he wants to continue to finish his bachelor’s degree.  And after that, he wants to get the highest education he can in the medical field. 

My very best,


Edublox offers cognitive training and live online tutoring to students with dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalculia, and other learning disabilities. Our students are in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Book a free consultation to discuss your child’s learning needs.