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Student with Dyseidetic Dyslexia Improves by 26 Percentiles

dyseidetic dyslexia
A developmental optometrist contacted Edublox and requested help for his 9-year-old patient who struggled with dyseidetic dyslexia – also called orthographic dyslexia and surface dyslexia. Rief, the patient, improved from the 34th to the 60th percentile in reading. His grades are outstanding.

Help for dyseidetic dyslexia required

In May 2020, we were contacted by a developmental optometrist in Florida who was hoping to refer a patient and wanted to know if our program is geared to address dyseidetic dyslexia.

Dyseidetic dyslexia is one of two main types of dyslexia. Children with dyseidetic dyslexia may be riddled with letter reversals; put letters in the wrong order (i,e. reading felt as left); lose orientation on a line or page while reading; and struggle to recognize small and irregular nonphonetic words such as what, the, talk, and does.

We assured the developmental optometrist that Edublox caters to both dyslexia types, and Rief, his patient, had his first lesson on June 8, 2020. Rief received two Live Tutor lessons per week and did Development Tutor at home, plus two exercises to solve his letter reversals.

Reading scores improve by 26 percentiles

Table 1 shows Rief’s summarized i-Ready test results after three months of twice-weekly tutoring (40th percentile) and two i-Ready tests after that.

In Table 2, one can also see Rief’s comprehensive i-Ready scores before (yellow) and after (green) he started Edublox training. In summary, he progressed from being approximately one year behind in most reading areas, excluding phonological awareness (34th percentile), to being average or above average in all reading areas (60th percentile) in eleven months.

Table 1
Table 2

Improvements in reading confirmed

Hilary, Rief’s mom, confirms measurable improvements in standardized reading scores and a boost in confidence.


Rief’s grades are amazing!

This email was received from Hilary on Oct 11, 2021:

Hello Susan!

Hope all is well with you! We are doing well. The first nine weeks of school have finished and Rief’s grades are amazing!

Reading & Language Art 89%

Science 91%

Social Studies 89%

Math 91%

His teacher says she has never had a student with an IEP have such good grades and that he is in the top half of the class. Many of his friends are struggling with the transition to fourth grade, but not him!

We can’t thank you enough for everything you and your team have done for Rief.

So very grateful, 


Edublox offers live online tutoring to students with dyseidetic dyslexia. Our students are in the United States, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere. Book a free consultation to discuss your child’s learning needs.