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Help for ADHD-like Behaviors 

Testimonial by a homeschool mom.

My son started Edublox when he was 8 years old. I realized as he was entering 3rd grade (homeschool), that there were several areas where he was lacking when I compared him to other 3rd graders. He despised writing and didn’t write very well, and he had several letter and number reversals (3,5,s,b). He couldn’t spell worth beans! His reading was ok, but he’d sort of mumble over the longer words and not bother to try to sound them out. In addition, he had trouble focusing on his work, was easily distracted, got frustrated easily, was very disorganized, would beat himself up about how ‘stupid’ he was, etc.

I figured the writing, reading, and spelling part would improve with age, but I was really looking for something, anything, to help with his ADHD-like behaviors. (I never had him tested, but I’m sure that’s what label they would have slapped on his forehead). So when I came upon Edublox, I figured it was worth a try.

Although we didn’t complete the program for a year (we did it for 7 months and then had a move and other family circumstances), I’ve seen great improvement! I can tell that he is more organized in his thoughts, spells better, is more willing to learn, can easily tell left from right, can stop to focus and think things through, handwriting has improved, etc. This has flowed into other behavior as well, such as a desire to have his surroundings organized and a cleared worked space. He is more aware of himself now, if that makes sense, and is more able to value others spaces and feelings. (I’m not saying that he’s perfect, mind you, I just feel like he’s more ‘normal’ now).

At first I was a little skeptical, but willing to try anything. I’m a skeptic no more! Edublox helped my son, and I highly recommend it to anyone.

Blessings to you as you embark on this journey..

Homeschool mom, US