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Spelling, Writing, and Reading Improve; Top 20 in Math

  • “My advice to parents is never to give up,” says Annabel’s mom.
  • Annabel struggled with spelling, writing, reading, and basic math. 
  • From term 1 to term 3, the average for her 1st language increased by 23% and for her 2nd language by 30%. 
  • She is now one of the top 20 math students in 4th grade.  

Annabel’s mom tells the full story:

Annabel experienced difficulty in spelling, writing, and reading. She also had low self-esteem in academic activities, as well as poor memory and poor concentration in her daily school activities.

No improvement after a year’s treatment

I tried to give her different syrups that promised to improve memory and concentration but saw poor results. She attended reading classes every Saturday, but after one year, the teacher said the improvement in her reading abilities was slight. Annabel used to study daily for a spelling test and still got poor results due to insufficient memory. She attended classes with the occupational therapist, but no improvement was noted. She used to struggle with basic math.

In September 2022, I read about Edublox in one of the class groups.

I was advised to take Annabel to a school psychologist for an evaluation, but I decided to take her to Edublox instead.

Academics improved after Edublox was discovered

Annabel started at Edublox one year ago. Since then, we have seen great improvement. Spelling, writing, and reading improved small steps at a time. Visible improvement was noticed in her math due to the logical thinking skills that she is taught at Edublox. She is now one of the top 20 math students in 4th grade.

Previously, Annabel experienced difficulty in sitting still to complete her classwork. Her class books used to come home because she did not finish her classwork. 

Now, she can sit still and complete her classwork in the expected time. Her language arts improved greatly. She was motivated and determined to improve her school marks. 

She enjoys the Edublox classes. She reminds me that when she misses an Edublox class, she must attend a catch-up class.

A final word

My advice to parents is never to give up. Find a class or the support your child needs to improve their reading abilities. I am so grateful that Annabel is at Edublox.

Yolandi van Tonder

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