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Edublox Program Was Key to Learning Success

Adam from the US did Edublox while stationed in Kuwait. His mother, Sherri Brow­ning, reported on his progress. Read the full story below.

Hope with all my heart.

Adam had so many learning difficulties when we first began with Edublox that all I could do was hope, with all my heart, that this would finally be the program that would help him.


We had struggled for so long; and I have to say we because he has always been taught at home and it has been a long arduous process teaching him to read, write and do basic math. Since none of our other children had the difficulties with learning that Adam displayed I knew he needed special help; help that I did not know how to give him.

Edublox gets discovered

Thank goodness for the Internet because that is how I found Edublox. Adam was already 16 years old by then and well aware that he had learning difficulties (why wouldn’t he, when his younger brother was ahead of him in subjects like math and reading). When I told him about the Edublox program he was willing to give it a try so we ordered the Customized Program and the journey began.

Reading, handwriting, and math improve

At one time his reading was slow and halting. He would skip words and sentences and had difficulty understanding what he had just read. Reading used to be so much work for him that he didn’t enjoy it and only read when he had to. Now he reads with ease and confidence. As a matter of fact, he enjoys reading so much that it isn’t unusual to see him reading for pleasure now. The first time I heard him say he was “going to bed a little early so he could read before going to sleep” was music to my ears!!

His handwriting used to be very difficult to read. Now, when he writes, the letters are smaller, more uniform in size and are legible enough for anyone to read. He even commented recently that “it is so much easier to write now and my hands don’t jerk like they used to.”

His math scores have made a dramatic improvement. He is in a combined Geometry/Algebra course and lately his scores have been in the 90’s or above on his daily work and tests. And for the first time ever he is ahead of his younger brother in their math lessons.

A priceless gift

Adam has come a long way over this last year. Even he comments on how much easier reading and math are for him now. In his words “I can think faster now and my thoughts don’t get jumbled up like they did before.” He has worked very hard. He learned early on that ‘attitude’ was ninety percent of the battle. If he was determined and committed and did his best during the sessions, it made all the difference in the world. Yes, it was long and hard and at times boring. But anything really worthwhile takes time and effort. We both decided to stay committed and see it through. We are so grateful we did.

Thank you Edublox!!! You have given our son Adam a priceless gift.

Sheri Browning
United States

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