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Student with Dyscalculia Gains 7 Years in Math in 3 Years

Robyn and Hannah’s story
Robyn is a family physician and volunteered to do this testimony because Edublox has changed her daughter’s life.

Anxiety and math difficulties after PANDAS

Hannah, at a young age, had some math difficulties. Because she is a family physician, Robyn decided to stay at home. Around the age of five or six, Hannah had a strep infection. She had PANDAS, a pediatric autoimmune neuropsychiatric disorder associated with strep.

PANDAS caused Hannah to be anxious and have math regressions. When Hannah was six, she could count but couldn’t do other things that her younger brothers could at age four.

They were homeschooling, and Robyn was trying to teach her math. The results weren’t satisfactory, and Robyn concluded she was a poor teacher. She was trained in medicine but didn’t know how to teach.

Hannah goes to school

Robyn decided to put Hannah into primary school, but they could not teach her math either. Hannah’s teacher said was doing great, but she couldn’t add. She couldn’t go past adding one. They restarted homeschooling.

If there’s a ruler and there are centimeters, Robyn’s elder son could learn in meter lengths. Her younger son could learn in ten centimeters. Robyn was teaching Hannah in centimeter lengths, and she wasn’t grasping math. For example, Robyn tried to teach Hannah place value for six years in every way she could, but she wasn’t getting it.

Hannah gains 7 years in math

Three years ago, at age 12, Hannah could count up to a hundred, but she couldn’t count backward from a hundred. That’s where their journey with Edublox started, and now Hannah is doing some high school math.

“As a 15-year-old, she’s gained seven, eight years of math in three years but knows it. Knows it solidly,” Robyn said in an interview. “So that has caused her to have way less anxiety about math. She thinks math is fun. It was about six months in, and I was like, she’s less anxious in general.”

What made them choose Edublox?

“The cost was a big factor for me because, at that time, we had already gone through multiple curriculums,” Robyn said. “We’ve already gone through multiple brain training exercises. We’ve spent thousands and thousands of dollars doing things that helped to a certain degree but weren’t like a Panacea by any means.

“So, for the Developmental Tutor, I was like, this is a deal! It was also in a game form, so it was fun and enjoyable, so that to me was a no-brainer.”

Hannah starts live tutoring

Robyn found out that there was an Edublox tutoring system. “I didn’t see that at first,” she said. “The Developmental Tutor definitely helped her, but I knew she was still having issues with math. And then, I set up with a tutor.

“The tutor we had taught in millimeters, just small increments. And it was so beautiful; I would come into the other room and listen and start crying.”

Hannah started having breakthroughs

Hannah was grasping place value within a month, which she hadn’t grasped in six years. “She was getting it, and she was making these leaps and bounds,” Robyn said.

“What I love about Edublox and my experience with it is that they don’t give up. Even when I’m sitting there thinking, ‘No, I don’t think that’s gonna be true, I don’t think that’s gonna happen,’ they don’t believe that. They believe that the kid’s going to get better. They’ll find any way to teach them to make it make sense.

“They don’t give up. They believe there’s hope and there’s a snowball effect. And we’re three years in, and there are huge snowball effects.”

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