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Edublox Online Tutor Assessment: Introduction

Edublox Online Tutor has developed an Online Assessment to enable parents and teachers to identify problem areas, to assess a child’s current reading ability as described in reading ages from 6 to 12+ years. Over and above reading age, four cognitive skills are assessed, giving a clear indication of which Edublox Online Tutor product suits the child’s needs best. Edublox Online Tutor offers one free assessment per learner. 

Software and device requirements are Windows (7 or newer) and Mac Computers, using Google Chrome. Tablet compatibility is planned as part of future updates.

How to complete the online assessment

Watch our instruction video below for a complete Online Assessment Guide, which will explain the following steps:

    • Visit our admin page and register as a new user or login.
    • Add a learner, and then click on ‘Assessment’.
    • Select ‘Add New Assessment’

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More info

For detailed information about the reading assessment and the cognitive skills measured, click here. A summary is provided below:

Visual sequential memory – Sequencing refers to our ability to perceive items in a specific order, and to remember that sequence e.g. months of the year, a telephone number, the alphabet.

Auditory memory – Auditory memory involves being able to take information that is presented verbally, to process that information, store it in one’s mind and then recall what one has heard. Basically, it involves the skills of attending, listening, processing, storing and recalling.

Eye span – By increasing the learner’s eye span, the number of fixations, the duration of the fixations and regressive movements can be reduced, leading to faster and smoother reading.

Logical thinking  Logical thinking is the process in which one uses reasoning consistently to come to a conclusion and is a foundational skill of reading comprehension.