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Epic Old-School Games for Kids

School vacations, camping trips, long plane journeys or rainy weekends are all great occasions to introduce your children to some classic old-school games for kids.

Get them off the devices and transported into a world of creative fun with board games and card games that provide hours of fun for bored little minds. Here are some of the best from a long collection of oldies but goodies.

Snakes and Ladders

The classic games of snakes and ladders can be found easily online for true retro versions, or in toy and book stores for modern new versions. Either will provide hours of fun for kids of all ages.


This is another truly classic board game that is better for older kids, as it can go on for some time and require patience, mathematics and reading skills. It’s a competitive property trading game that has been around for donkey’s years and many modern versions have been re-designed for the board game market.

Hop Scotch

There are two stages of fun with the game of hop scotch. First drawing the hop scotch outline with chalk on the ground, which takes some time and is creative fun for kids; and then actually playing the game. It’s an active jumping game that will get the kids and adults moving and grooving and jumping for joy.


The game of marbles is timeless and classic. If you can’t find the original glass balls infused with colors, you could use any similar-sized balls to play the game with your kids.

Card games

Buy a couple of packs of cards and cast your mind back to the many epic card games that you used to play as a child. Snap, Last Card and Fish are a few of the cool classics that are easy to learn and super fun to play.

Roll the dice, appoint a dealer and have some fun playing these games from the past that always provide heaps of entertainment for the young and the young-at-heart. It won’t be long before your kids are asking you to play the old games again, that are new games for them.

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