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“I was desperate for help…”

“I was desperate for help…”

Riaana Treasurer shares her son’s success.

Cael is a healthy 12 year old boy and the eldest of three children. In 2012 Cael was in Grade 6. In the beginning of the year my husband and I noticed that Cael was struggling with his reading and school work. We were not sure whether he had a learning disability or whether he was just lazy, or whether it was normal for his age. When the teachers or his dad or I would give him instructions, he would not follow through with them; he didn’t concentrate or focus.

Cael would not do anything by himself at home. For his age I assumed he would be accustomed to his routine, but we had to remind him daily:

* to brush his teeth (If I didn’t tell him, he would not do it)
* to put lotion on himself (If I didn’t tell him, he would not do it)
* to fasten his shoe laces (He walked around all day with loose shoe laces, whether they were school shoes, tekkies etc.)
* to do his homework (He would say that he did not have homework, so I had to check up on him).

Studying for tests was a nightmare. He would know everything the day before, but the day of the test he would forget everything he had learnt. Whenever I assisted him with homework and had to attend to something else, on my return he would either be watching TV or doing something else. When reading he skipped words that were unknown to him or were difficult to pronounce.

I was desperate for help. Searching the Internet for help I came across the Edublox website. They offered an intensive course during the June holiday. I immediately contacted Monique and enrolled him for the holiday course. During that week I already started noticing a difference because he was enjoying everything about the course, including the teacher and the kids.

We were so impressed with the intensive course and Cael being so excited that we decided to enroll him for weekly classes. After the evaluation we learnt that Cael was two years behind with his reading. We also bought the Edublox home program and four nights a week we would practise, but for him it was like playing games and he would get so excited, especially for remembering 30 blocks in sequence. After a few months we started noticing that we did not have to tell him to do things. He started:

* doing his homework
* reading to his sister and reading the Bible at night
* brushing his teeth, fastening his shoe laces etc.

His school marks improved, especially his spelling and mathematics. He started talking freely about his day at school and what he and his friends did. He has more confidence and he is more positive about school.

Cael’s reading is not on par with his age group yet and he still has a long way to go with regard to building his self-esteem, but with the help and support from Edublox and us, his parents, we are expecting that this will be corrected in the near future.

Yours truly
Riaana Treasurer

Cael’s report before the intensive holiday course in June 2012. His average is 45 percent:



Cael’s report at the end of the third term. No noticeable improvement can be seen on his school report yet. His average is 46 percent. But continue to scroll down…



Cael’s year-end report. His average is now 65 percent — a magnificent 20 percent increase!




Riaana Treasurer, South Africa Edublox Online Tutor July 6, 2016