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Edublox improves concentration, memory, and mathematical reasoning

Edublox improves concentration, memory, and mathematical reasoning

Before Brandon started with the Edublox program, he was not coping with Grade 1 work at all and it was recommended that he attend a special school. He was battling to concentrate and required a lot of individual attention and motivation. Reversals were common. His eye-hand coordination was poor and he still held his pencil incorrectly, causing poor letter formation. By the end of the school year he could do simple addition and subtraction, but battled as soon as two operations were combined in an exercise. His short- and long-term memory was very poor. This added to him feeling inadequate and very frustrated.
His parents decided to home-school him, and simultaneously to embark on the Edublox program. Mrs. Whitter continues the story:

The Edublox program has really helped Brandon. Now we can sit back and appreciate the tremendous progress and improvement he has made over the last sixteen months. His memory has improved drastically and his mathematical ability really forged ahead to the stage where he is compatible with Grade Three standards set. His mathematical reasoning has also improved faster than we could ever have hoped for. He now fully understands the mathematical thought process and reasoning.

His memory and concentration is also far better and this is assisting his overall schoolwork. Besides his schoolwork, the improved memory is also helping with his daily life and play. He now remembers where he puts his things and his long-term recall is consistently good.

We as his parents feel that through Edublox, he will slip into the conventional academic stream, sometime in the future, and obtain Grade Twelve with pride.

The overall educational system was frustrating to us, as the teachers mostly focus on the brightest students in the class and those that struggle are ignored, or referred to special classes or schools. Edublox taught us early on in the process that all children are teachable and individual attention is focused on each child. Brandon’s Edublox program is tailor-made for him and he receives regular feedback, praise and alterations to his schedule, so that he can consistently improve. Without Edublox in his life, Brandon would be floundering somewhere in a special school, instead of being fully on his way to one day take his meaningful place in society.

We are really pleased that we have made Edublox part of Brandon’s life.

Mrs. Whitter, mom of Brandon Edublox Online Tutor October 6, 2012