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“Reading and learning has become a pleasure in our house”

“Reading and learning has become a pleasure in our house”

Homeschool mom Christelle de Villiers shares her children’s progress after doing a 1-on-1 Edublox program, and introducing Edublox Online Tutor as a follow-up.

I have three daughters, Gr R, 2, and 3. I wanted to improve the reading and concentration skills of the eldest two, and started looking around for some help on the internet. I found the Edublox Online Tutor programs, but I was totally sceptic about an internet program that would “apparently” improve my children’s reading and developmental skills. Since when is some “internet-supposedly-education-gamewhatever” good for children to improve academic skills, I wondered. Instead, I enrolled them to do a 1-on-1 program with Edublox, which was fantastic. But, during this 1-on-1 time, I had the opportunity to find out more about Edublox Online Tutor, what it entails, what it’s all about, what aspects it aims to cover, and so on. I was impressed.

We decided to try it out and subscribed for 12 months, but only for my two eldest daughters. And then the program went live…. and it was amazing. We immediately enrolled our youngest daughter too.

My middle daughter just could not sit still and concentrate. Since her first session of Online Tutor, she sits for 40 minutes plus, totally focused. She loves her “game”. Her reading improved, her spelling improved, her learning and memory ability improved; even other academic work improved. But most of all – she cannot wait to do school every day. Learning has become fun, and I realised that it’s because Edublox covers much more than what the eye meets.

My eldest is a dreamer, but with Edublox she prides herself in “how many blocks she can build in sequence”. I am amazed at how her memory and auditory skills have enhanced. It’s soooo much fun for her, and without even realising it, she doesn’t dream at all but is actually pushing herself in a joyous manner to get to the next level. The highlight off cause is earning coins and buying creatures… close to shopping, I guess!

My youngest reads with pleasure and has no trouble doing all the exercises. She thinks that she is the best reader ever, and the lady’s commentary “you deserve an ice cream” is huge in her books. We were concerned that the English (for Development Tutor) might be a problem. We quickly realised that this programme is so user-friendly, even smaller kids know exactly what to do.

What impresses me most is the client service. You are never stuck without help. What a breeze!

For me, as a homeschool mom, it’s amazing to see how my children’s confidence has “exploded”. Since we started Edublox, they pick up every little book and magazine because they WANT TO READ. They WANT to go to the library. They even made a sign for our front door saying “Jammer, ons is BIB toe. Kom later weer.” (Sorry, we went to the library, come again later), filled with heart pictures.

Fights about reading is a far-fetched memory… reading and learning has now become a pleasure in our house.

Absolutely worth every cent. Subscription for the next 12 months is already in the budget, because no child should be without EDUBLOX ONLINE TUTOR!

Thank you EDUBLOX… I could never have dreamt that this is what we’re paying for. Worth much more than every cent spent on it! Cannot wait for Math Tutor!

Christelle de Villiers, homeschool mom, South Africa Edublox Online Tutor May 10, 2017