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5 Surprising Benefits of Video Games

Kids seem to be glued to their phones and gaming systems. Parents often see game time as a waste of the day. It can be a struggle to convince children to get outside and moving. Balance is key, however, so screen time is not a complete loss.

Life skills are often mirrored in video games. Kids may not even realize they are learning something. The next time your kids settle in for a video session, take a look for yourself. Here are a few skills they may be picking up.


Most games thrive on a leveling system. It can take months to climb up to the next level. The motivation to receive benefits in the game keeps players motivated. Rewards are received at the beginning of many multi-level games. Progressive games reveal more clues and opportunities to move up. Players will usually fail many times before they succeed. Perseverance in the game will yield a positive outcome.


Games often use some type of earning system. Coins or gems make up the currency and must be earned. Obstacles must be overcome to receive the profits. Items necessary to move forward in the game can be purchased with these coins. Kids may spend them quickly at first, but soon learn to save for more quality or necessary items. Games where the player starts out with nothing and must earn everything can be especially useful for this purpose.


Online gaming brings the option to play favorite games with players all around the globe. This option requires players to communicate their plans and strategies to teammates. There is also dialogue within many games. The characters interact and relay pertinent information needed to reach goals. Players must learn to relay information effectively to succeed. Listening to the needs of teammates will also play into the scenario.

Problem solving

All games exist on a basis reaching goals or moving ahead. Even simple phone apps offer progression only after the complication of the current level is deciphered. Complex video games offer detailed storylines and character personalities. Players must figure out how to work their way through a myriad of troubles. Problems may consist of interactions with other characters or physical obstructions.


Multi-player games make it impossible for one player to make all of the decisions. Groups of players must work together to reach the objective. Teamwork is an integral part of handling most jobs. Players with poor cooperation often find themselves removed from their gaming teams. Players quickly learn to be helpful and supportive.

Gaming is an increasingly popular part of our society. Understanding your child’s world can help you parent better. With proper guidance, kids can gain some valuable skills from their screen time. Take some time to play games with your kids. You may be surprised what you learn once the controller is in your hand.

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