Additional Exercises for Edublox Users: Crumple Papers Exercises

This page contains Crumple Papers exercise 1 and 2, which aim at improving hand strength.

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Crumple Papers exercise 1

This exercise is aimed at children younger than six years.

For this exercise, one needs an old telephone directory, or sheets of any other paper that is as soft as, and about the same size as, a page of a telephone directory.

The tutor tears a page from the directory, and gives it to the learner. He must then crumple the piece of paper into a tight ball. It is very important, however, that he must use one hand only for this task. The learner may also not press his hand against his body.

Then the tutor tears another page from the directory, and lets the learner crumple this also, but this time with the other hand.

The learner must crumple at least three sheets of paper with each hand at every practice session.

See demonstration video below.

Crumple Papers exercise 2

This exercise is aimed at children older than six years.

For this exercise one uses scrap paper of 8½ by 11 inches (A4-size). The tutor gives the learner one sheet of paper in each hand. He must then simultaneously crumple both papers into tight balls. It is very important that each hand must strictly do its own work. The learner should sit with his hands wide apart, so that one hand cannot offer any help to the other. The learner may also not press his hands against his body or on any other object, like a table. The learner should crumple at least three sheets of paper per hand per session.

Important note: If the learner finds it hard to crumple the stiffer paper with both hands simultaneously, one can temporarily allow him to crumple one sheet at a time, until his hands have become stronger. Then let him crumple two sheets of paper simultaneously. If crumpling the stiffer paper with one hand at a time is also too hard, one can start with Crumple Papers exercise 1.

See demonstration video below.


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