A Parent’s Story: Dyslexic Gets to Love Reading; Plus Update Four Years Later

A mother in Fullerton shares her dyslexic daughter’s progress after two weeks on our program. Also read the surprise update received four years later.


Dear Susan,

We have finished the first two weeks of Edublox (5 sessions/week, 45 min/session) and I wanted to share the following things with you:

1. My daughter has improved in all areas of the dyslexia program and can sequence up to 15 blocks already. She has much more trouble with the pattern exercises but still has improved quite a bit in 2 weeks.

2. She has started as of yesterday carrying around a book to read everywhere she goes, where before reading was only at bedtime and only because I made her. Today she announced that she wants to start a reading group. This is literally unheard of behavior from her prior to Edublox.

3. Her handwriting seems to have improved literally overnight. I’ve never seen her write even close to neatly before.

4. She can, as of this week, do multiplication and addition sums in her head that she used to have to count on her fingers.

5. Here is the biggest thing — I gave her timed reading fluency tests using an iPad app. She completed a phonics program so she can read close to her 4th grade reading level but soooo s-l-o-w-l-y. Last week: 54 wpm. This week: 65 wpm — a 20% increase in reading speed in one week!!!!!!!!!!!! Yes, those extra exclamation points are totally warranted!

We are both thrilled, thrilled, thrilled. My son was reluctant to begin with this program, but now sees the value and is eager to do it.

You will hear more as the weeks go on, but I never expected such striking results in so short a time.

There are no words sufficient to thank someone for freeing their child’s mind, but nevertheless, I thank you for your product!

Kind regards,

United States

Update, November 14, 2017

Hi Susan,

I was thinking of you today because I have pointed another parent in the direction of your product. Her daughter has dyslexia and has not been making progress with other programs. But now they seem to be seeing some results.

As for my daughter, I thought you would like to know that she is in her first year of high school and is in honors English and geometry and AP History. Her elective reading for English was Hemingway and now Homer’s Iliad. She got a very good report card this term too. I would not have thought it possible four years ago that we would be here today.

Thank you again for your product.

Kind regards,

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Edublox Online Tutor offers multisensory cognitive training that enables learners to overcome reading problems and learning challenges and reach their full potential. Over the last 30+ years, the company behind the Online Tutor e-learning platform, Edublox, has helped thousands of children to read, learn and achieve through home kits and learning clinics internationally. Our programs are founded on pedagogical research and more than three decades of experience demonstrating that weak underlying cognitive skills account for the majority of learning difficulties. Specific cognitive exercises can strengthen these weaknesses leading to increased performance in reading, spelling, writing, math and learning.

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