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A Parent’s Story: The Best Results by Far

My 13-yr old son has LD’s, auditory processing problems and sensory integration disorder, as well as mild-to-moderate cerebral palsy. We’ve tried various things, but have had the best results by far from Edublox.

My son has begun to learn in a normal fashion, something I never thought would happen. We’ve homeschooled him from the beginning and now for the first time have hope he will reach his grade level. It’s not very expensive, takes one hour per day, and he actually enjoys it. His doctor also has him on fish oil and evening primrose oil, which helped with his language a great deal.

I have been telling everyone I know with a challenged child about the program. When we went to family camp in July, a friend with an Asperger’s child mentioned the difference between Jim’s behavior last year and what he was doing this summer. She said “Barb, your family is a living advertisement for Edublox. If you remember, last summer Jim just sat by your side the whole week whenever he could, and kind of twitched. And now look at him.” He was at that moment off with two other boys, talking and making friends. He made a friend the first day, and also at another church’s Vacation Bible School where he knew no one and wasn’t in the same class with his brother.

We took off the whole summer, and lost some ground, but after just one and a half weeks, Jim is again more cheerful and confident. He has a long way to go to be level with his age group, but the issues that the program has addressed have improved a great deal, and I’m looking forward to further progress in other areas as they are covered, too.


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