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Spelling Rule: Is It oa, oe, or ow?

There are may ways to spell the long vowel sound o. Examples include:
  • o-e as in code, hope, home, bone, drove, throne;
  • o as in go, hello, jumbo robot, pony, frozen;
  • o as in gold, told, most (glued sounds);
  • ew as in sew (stitching fabric together);
  • ough as in though, although, doughnut;
  • oa as in oak, boat, soap, coat, coach, throat;
  • oe as in toe, tiptoe;
  • ow as in sow (planting seeds), throw, arrow, follow, hollow, yellow, pillow, window.
We use “oa” in the beginning or middle of a word/syllable (oak, soap) and “oe” and “ow” at the end of the word/syllable (toe AND throw).
Spelling Rule: Is It oa, oe, or ow?

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